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Unsolved Mysteries in Song

Let's see how many unsolved mysteries we can find in music.  To start:  "Ode to Billie Joe" (Bobby Gentry) tells the tale of a boy who apparently commits suicide, but townsfolk don't know why:  "Today, Billy Joe MacAllister jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge."  


What songs do you know that contain unsolved mysteries?

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Where Do I Go From Here? - the Swallows

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Catch the Rainbow  -  Rainbow


When evening falls
She'll run to me
Like whispered dreams
Your eyes can see
Soft and warm
She'll touch my face
A bed of straw
Against the lace
We believed
We'd catch the rainbow
Ride the wind
To the sun
Sail away
On ships of wonder
But life's
Not a wheel
With chains
Made of steel
So bless me
Come the dawn
"Music can change the world because it can change people." - Bono
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Will you love me tomorrow -The Shirelles




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"Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour (On the Bedpost Overnight)" by Lonnie Donegan, et al.


Stay well and enjoy!


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The line in Ode to Billie Joe, as you started with, Darcie:

"He said he saw a girl that looked a lot like you up on Choctaw Ridge
And she and Billy Joe was throwing somethin' off the Tallahatchie Bridge"


I remember debating with friends over what that might have been.


Stay well and enjoy!


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On Every Street (Dire Straits):


"There's gotta be a record of you someplace
You gotta be on somebody's books
The lowdown, a picture of your face"

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Turn the page  Bob Segar


All the same old cliches

Is that a woman or a man?

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Atlantis:   Donovan

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