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Too much sex in the entertainment industry


Too much sex in the entertainment industry

The thing I can't stand that we have way too often is that may rap songs and many other songs these days contain either sex and drugs.  Old rock and roll like in the 1950s or even the old classical songs are much better.  Back in the days when Beethoven and Mozart was living, they didn't include any sex stuff in thier songs.  Max Reger, Mulet, and Bach did write some fiery toccatas.  One thing for sure, I won't buy anything that supports sex in the entertainment industry.  It is time for someone to come down hard on Hollywood.  

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I think that times change and so do people's tastes in what is acceptable. I'm reminded of the song, Anything Goes and how it begins with "In olden days a glimpse of stocking was considered rude and shocking." But these days or something similar is said, anything goes.


I guess that people writing and performing music as well as those involved in the production of it are in the business, not so much to please anyone's senses and not so much to offend them either, I'd think but they do want to market a product that sells, making them money in the process. You mention Mozart and Beethoven as well as music from the 50's. I'm sure that there still is a market for those songs and artists but I doubt that Brahms sells more music these days than Lizzo these days. (And no, I'm not a Lizzo fan but I know she's popular now.) If people won't but it it doesn't get made. It's about economics.


The drugs and violence don't appeal to me so much but there are books and magazines that glorify drugs and violence as well. Book burnings though don't seem like a good idea to me. The sex stuff, I understand people being offended to a degree but sex is the way that ALL of US came to be here, alive enough to write that we don't want to hear about it. In your car or home, we can listen to the classics but in the marketplace, cash is king! I mean no disrespect, BTW.

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I agree. It’s not just too much sex, it’s also drugs and violence. I dislike most of today’s music. I tell my kids and grandkids that so much of it is here today, gone tomorrow. Then they tell me how old I am lol

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