I won't lie, I like heavy rock, and many sub-genres of metal. This last month, late on the game, as I've been told, I came across the Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish.


Now, metal is not everyone's taste, for sure. It can be quite jarring for some, maybe even dramatically unpleasant for others. This band manages to blend symphony/operatic elements with pop and rock in an intriguing manner. What nailed it for me was the voice of their current singer, Floor Jansen.


I never regarded myself as an opera person, but I do appreciate a great voice. On 4th season of America's Got Talent, I was moved by Barbara Padilla performances. Likewise, I find myself moved by Floor Jansen's voice, and surprised to find it in a metal genre.


Not sure it's allowed to add Youtube links here, so if interested, do a search for Ghost Love Score Official on Youtube. It's a live recording from a 2013 concert in Wacken. Ms Jansen went through the range of voice control, head voice, chest voice, soft, aggressive, opera, valkerie. It was astonishing. Kudos to the whole band for the show. It must have been epic.


Tip: if Youtube ads annoy you, get the Ublock Origin extension. So much nicer experience.

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I'm not a metal fan really, but I do like and listen to a lot of Metallica. They sound more like heavy rock, to me.


Have you ever listened to Jorn Lande? I think he's from Sweden. I stumbled upon his album Heavy Rock Radio on YouTube. It is an unusual set of rock covers set to metal influences. I thought some were pretty good, and it is unique, to say the least!

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@MaVoltaI'm trying to not be upset... that I haven't known about Jorn before! 😁


It's like he's channeling Ronnie James Dio, and that's no small feat.


Thanks for that suggestion - rock on! 🤘

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@ralmon - That's great! I watched a few clips on YT, and it did seem that RJD was one of his heroes.


But on the other hand, I didn't know that there was an sub-genre of symphonic metal, either! I knew about the Metallica S&M show from '99, and then the super S&M2 collaboration that just came out, but I never knew there was an entire stream of musicians devoted to it.


But funny thing is, classical music was a big influence of the prog-rockers of the 60's and 70's, and many of those bands went on to perform with orchestras. So what is old becomes new, and just takes a new path, so to speak. I think that is what makes music so great! Can't wait for the S&M2 to be out on DVD. Reviews were great!


Rock on!



“Music can change the world, because music can change people.” Bono

If you like Metallica, you'll find a lot of new things in one or the other sub-genre of metal.


One type I like a lot appears to be termed stoner metal. Hahaha, that name just tickles me. Nice and slow, heavy stuff, like in the early 70's. Youtube channel called "Stoned Meadow Of Doom" has a large selection from around the world categorized as this type, near endless joy for my ears.


Thanks for the Jorn Lande suggestion. I paused Epica, and am listening to Heavy Rock Radio right now. Quite nostalgic, as it's all covers. Excellent voice.



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Wow! Nightwish is really good. Thanks for posting about them. Will be adding their music to my playlist. I also listened to a bit of stoner metal and found a psychedelic style band that does remind me of late 60’s and 70’s music. Will have to explore that music a little more. Cheers!

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There is a show in The Netherlands, Beste Zangers, in which it seems invited performers sing songs of, or in the style of, one of the other performers. Still not sure on the show's exact format.


Recently, Floor Jansen of Nightwish sang Shallow by Lady Gaga most beautifully, zooming to #1 on iTunes in a day. Her performance of Que Se Siente already has over 1 Million views on YouTube.


Up until, say, a month ago, she was hardly known in her own country. Now this Dutch front woman of a Finnish symphonic metal band, who can sing in Dutch, English, German, Spanish, you name it, has sold out her complete solo tour in January of The Netherlands within a day!


This is the year her life will be changing dramatically. I hope she's ready. With such a voice, she definitely deserves the attention.

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