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New to the Music Forum? Start Here!

Welcome to Rock n' Roll, AARP’s music forum. We’re here to enjoy the topic of music. If you happen to be new to this area, kindly make yourself familiar with our AARP Online Community Guidelines, as well as the Terms of Service. Please be aware that “off topic” posts will be moved away to the appropriate area.


Pro Tips:

  • If you’re new to a topic, please review the original post to find out how to play.
  • When playing song-title challenges, make sure you are replying to the last, newest answer to keep the game in sync.
  • When creating a new topic, make sure that topic hasn’t already been used.


Does anyone else have a tip to share?

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Hi to all,

I haven't been on in a while but was wondering - in the Rock n Roll section, we always used to post the prior person's song title and the singer and then our own, which I thought was nice because we didn't have to look back to see what they were responding to. 


Now it looks like they're just posting their own song, but not the one they're responding to. Is this something new?


Thank you and stay well all ~ Peace



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My experience with the song title game is 

that was something that some people

chose to do, not a requirement. There are

a few who still do that and you certainly

can also if it helps you stay in sync in

the game.

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I've been posting in the Music Forum for a while and in the Song Title Word Association we always posted the song we took the word from to make it easier for the next person; and I also post the link to the song I chose because (I know for myself) I like to hear the song if I don't remember it, so maybe the next person might like to hear it, too...since we all love music!

But whatever works for everyone is okay with me.  Just keep on rockin-n-rollin. 

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When playing song-title challenges, make sure you are replying to the last, newest answer to keep the game in sync. There's a way to do this automatically by adjusting your settings. Here's how (screenshot below):


  • Select PREFERENCES, then select Linear Layout
  • Under Linear Layout Settings, go to “Linear Format: Sorting order within topics” and choose the radio button to see “newest first”.
  • Go to “Jump to first unread post in topic” and uncheck the box.
  • To complete these steps, then select Save.

AARP Online Community_Sorting Messages Screenshot.png

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I have found that the emails I receive

when someone posts are old so you

can’t post off them to stay current.

When I post on the song title games,

I always look again right before I post

so that can I change my post in a heartbeat

and I look again after I post to avoid any

conflicts. That’s what I have learned that

works for me. Thanks for your posting 

@AARPLynne !

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That's a great point, thanks, @BeatleloverKT!

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From time to time, I have seen complaints about getting emails from someone who no longer wants to participate or receive email notifications.


If this is the case, please go to the small gray box next to the large yellow Reply button on the upper left of the screen. Click there and select "unsubscribe" from the drop down menu. You will no longer get email for that topic.


Also, when you reply to a post, there is a check box in the upper right screen. You can select or deselect email to that post. 





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That same check box in the upper right that @MaVolta mentioned, can be used to edit your post, if needed. It's easier and less confusing than reposting.

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Also when posting, especially on the song

title games, make sure you have the title

of the song listed correctly so others can

have a choice of which word to link to.
Also please 
always list the artist for

the posted song 

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