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Little Richard Died today at 87.

Little Richard died today at age 87. His flamboyant yet brilliant style influenced a lot of rockers, including the Beatles and the Stones. His music had something for everyone. What is your favorite Little Richard song? May he Rest In Peace in rocker heaven 😢🙏 My fav of his: 

The girl can’t help it (1956)

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Here you go.


Honored Social Butterfly

“I Don’t Know What You’ve Got But It’s Got Me”. An amazing song by LR which demonstrated that he could be as soulful as Otis Redding, Solomon Burke and the other greats. Check it out on Youtube and you’ll see still photos of a young Jimi Hendrix as Richard’s guitar player and a shot of the Beatles with LR, their faces beaming with pure joy and hero worship. If I knew how to insert the video I would have. Sorry.


RIP Little Richard. Now only Jerry Lee Lewis remains from that legendary group of rockers.

Honored Social Butterfly

Thank you for posting.  He was a one of a kind and so entertaining!







Life's a Journey, not a Destination" Aerosmith
Honored Social Butterfly

Little Richard was hitting the charts when I was just a baby. But I do remember him from TV shows from late 50's onward, especially The Ed Sullivan Show. If he was on, I was there! He was so much fun to watch and listen to.  


Little Richard has been named a primary source of inspiration for just about everyone in rock 'n' roll from our generation, and most of them have paid homage to him in their songs. RIP Little Richard. Your fans adored you! 


My favorite songs were Tutti Frutti, Lucille, and Rip It Up, among others.


It's great to be here. It's great to be anywhere. - Keith Richards
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