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Hope, Comfort & Healing

My nephew was seriously injured in an accident 2 weeks ago.  He is in critical condition and trying to battle back from his injuries.  His family is reeling from this tragedy with a grief that weighs heavily on their hearts.  


Prayers of encouragement and strength would be greatly appreciated.  In hopes of lightening their burden ever so slightly, I have created a post on my music blog that includes a Spotify music playlist for them and Nolan, in hopes of offering hope, comfort, and healing.


Anyone out there struggling with similar difficulties in their lives may find such hope, comfort and healing in this blog and music playlist as well.  It is Christian themed, as that is my family’s religious tradition, and has always provided strength for us amidst tragedy.  I hope it might do the same for many of you.

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So glad you updated us. I’ve been wondering. Such a remarkable young man to take on this challenge. May god bless you, Nolan and your family 🙏


For those who expressed their concern and well wishes, I thought I'd post a quick update - my nephew Nolan was released from the rehab hospital after almost 4 months of hospitalization/rehab since his accident.  He is cognitively intact, with no brain injury, though is paralyzed below the waist.  He has much work still to be done but has a great attitude of becoming the best version of his new self that he can possibly be.  Thanks again for the well wishes.  They were greatly appreciated.

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@WilliamS68311- I’m so sorry for what your nephew and family are going through. Sending thoughts of healing and strength for all.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” - Jimi Hendrix
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my prayers are his at this difficult time. may his strength and sheer will,along with the wonderful love of the friends and family,see him thru.

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Thoughts and prayers are with you, your 

family and your Nephew 🙏🙏

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