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Does Music Make Life Better?

More than 70% of Americans 45 and older say music has helped them through a difficult time in their lives, according to a survey published earlier this month by marketing research/data analytics firm YouGov.


While music appears to be a motivator for the majority of people, it was particularly high for older Americans.   More from AARP >>



What song got you through your most difficult time and why?




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Absolutely! When I am feeling down, I ask my Google mini for some 60s or 70s songs and sometimes I even dance to the faster beats. Works every time!

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Of course it does.  It's been proven to help in all kinds of physically and mentally stressful situations.  One song that has helped me is Roll Away the Stone by The Ozark Mountain Daredevils.

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The song I sing to myself when I'm struggling is "When You Walk Through A Storm".  I first heard it in middle school choir and have used it to bring peace to my heart ever since. 

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youll never walk alone
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I cannot imagine anyone not saying yes of course it does..  it is the soundtrack to your life!!



Life's a Journey, not a Destination" Aerosmith
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You'll Never Walk Alone is the title but the song's meaning is most important.
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replying to walk through a storm
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I'm replying to myself here, but the name of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils song I referred to is Beauty in the River.  Oops!

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SO true. I shed tears every time Jerry Lewis sang it at the end of the telethon. Not really sad tears. The message was so empowering and hopeful that the emotion was a little too much for my tear ducts!

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music that has made me feel better during difficult times:


I Can See Clearly Now - Johnny Nash


Let It Be - The Beatles


Skyscraper - Demi Lovato

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Quick pick me up. no message but great beat. Apple,Peaches,Pumpkin Pie by Jay and the Techniques
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I have a Crosley record player that plays 78s, 45s, and 33and1/3 long play vinyls. it looks and sounds like ones I had in the 1950s. I've had it a few years and paid maybe 60-70 dollars for it. there are different retro players available. I have alot of old vinyls in speeds mentioned above. vinyl albums ,oldies, are readily available although not for $5 like years ago. My old records are somewhat scratchy but I really enjoy listening to them on my retro-look record player. I am forgiving of the lack of high quality sound as it pretty much sounds like it did back then. No remotes, you set the needle on the record by hand. Just like you used to change the tv channel by hand!


Yes music does make life better!  "STAYING ALIVE" by the Bee Gees was my favorite song during cancer treatment.


"Evergreen" by Barbara Streisand.


I like the Eagles "Take it Easy" and "Hotel California" among many others

Does anyone remember Brry Sadler's Ballad of the Green Berets ? It isn't just for our generation, but for all who served.


Does anyone remember Barry Sadler's Ballad of the Green Betets ? Is this just for our generation?

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@GeraldF559646 Oh, oh, no, that is a classic still 🙂

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I have a few. I once bought an entire CD for one song: Louis Armstrong, "It's a Wonderful World." 

"How Great Thou Art" has been a favorite since I was very young.


Also "The River" by Garth Brooks, "Life's a Dance" by John Michael Montgomery....and above all these is


"Imagine" by John Lennon.


I could not exist without music!

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Music truly can move one's emotions and touch our heart and mind. I'm a smooth jazz lover and old school music lover as well. And yes it's good to have music in your life.

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I have two.


When I'm a little down and the world doesn't seem to care enough for it's inhabitants such as people and animals, and I can only wish with all my heart for more compassion, I think of Simon and Garfunkle's the Sounds of Silence.  That's what happens when no one cares enough to make a change.


The one that I really love to sing with, dance to and feel good about is Katrina and the Waves Walking on Sunshine.  It's just awesome and makes everything fun.


I would not be happy without music in my life!  It depends on the mood I'm in as to what type of music I'm listening to.  I enjoy music while I cook, clean, walk outside, have company or a party, socialize in and outdoors... it's almost always on even if it's just in the background.  I enjoy christian contemporary,  country rock, classic rock, some alternative, piano, violin, instrumentals and others.  I don't want to know what the world would be like without music.  It affects the way we feel and how we respond to things.  


Wake up and listen to Elvis sing Amazing grace every day as part of my devotional.

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Good idea. Thanks. I just pulled it up, and it is great.
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I may be old

But I got to see

All the cool bands.

Thank you so much, covfefe, and good night!
-- Anna Kendrick

Me (Grace Rene') recording at Eastside Project Studio on the outskirts of Nashville in Antioch, TN.Me (Grace Rene') recording at Eastside Project Studio on the outskirts of Nashville in Antioch, TN."Chloe's Mom" - One of the songs I wrote about adoption."Chloe's Mom" - One of the songs I wrote about adoption.Music makes my heart sing! 🙂 What is that saying? "LIFE IS A SONG! LOVE IS THE MUSIC!" Thanks for listening. I turned 55 this past December. 🙂 

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Music has the ability to shut off the world around you and move to to another place.  For me, I can get lost in the music, which bring a smile to my face and lift my spirits.  The great thing about music and the different genres is that there is something for everybody.


I don't know what songs got me through difficult times, but I have listened to a lot of Rush and Toto and various jazz arists.  I have seen many bands in concert and had a wonderful experience.  I am thankful we live in a world with music and creativity.

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It is very soothing and was a life saver for me. My daughter was killed and my therapist suggest I listen to soothing quiet music to go to sleep because I was having such a hard time.
I love music anyway, but the soothing music was a better kind of music at this time.
When I was young I use to blast the music and clean my entire house on week-ends as I worked all week.
I love music. and IMO it does make for a better life.
Live For Today, No One is Guaranteed a TOMORROW !
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Yes, music is the bread of life, I love rock n roll, country, classical and basically all music with soul 🙂 It calms me, increases focus and just makes life more pleasurable 🙂


Music ABSOLUTELY makes life better. For most of us with any major event in life has occurred, there is usually a song attatched to that memory. Musicians are known to have a higher IQ. Music helps students study better.

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