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Do you lip-sync to your favorite music?

Over the weekend, I was on a solo 5-hour drive and came across a great, classic rock radio station. Suddenly I found myself lip-syncing to Bon Jovi's "Runaway". It was just the boost I needed, along with a cup of coffee, to give me the energy to finish the long drive home.


Have you recently been inspired to lip-sync to music? What was the scenario and tune?

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Great new topic! I will pretty much lip

sync to any song that I love but my

favorite place to do that is the shower

(Because I sound so GOOD in there)

It has to be a classic rock tune that I

know all the words to also. My fav

artists to lip sync to are the Beatles

and Fleetwood Mac 💜🎼

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Community Manager

Ah yes, agreed, @BeatleloverKT the best acoustics are provided by the shower! With Fleetwood Mac, I'm thinking a little air guitar also is necessary 😎

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Nope, I just grab my microphone (not connected of course) and croon away.

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Community Manager

@JohnD131536, I like your use of props!

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Social Butterfly

The neighbors appreciate that it's not connected.

Honored Social Butterfly

I usually just sing right along. I might lip-sync if people are around who might not want to hear me! 🤣


"Rock 'n' roll might not solve your problems, but it does let you dance all over them." Pete Townshend
Social Butterfly

OK, I admit I do but only to the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac.

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Honored Social Butterfly

I agree with @MaVolta. Why lip sync when you can just belt it out. I love hitting the high notes!

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