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Assistance, Please? Songs

There is a silver lining to this mess we find ourselves in right now.  We can see how much it means to get a little help when we need it, or to see someone helping someone else, and most of all reaching out to lend a hand where we can.  Something as small as walking someone's dog because their doctor ordered them indoors for the duration is no big deal, but it can be one of the greatest things for them.     Ask when you need it and give it when you can:.                                  Songs about needing help or helping someone else

Silver Conversationalist

With a Little Help From My Friends -  Beatles and Joe Cocker   (both great)

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I'll Stand By You-The Pretenders 

Honored Social Butterfly

Please Help Me I'm Falling: Hank Locklin

Honored Social Butterfly

Don't give up  Peter Gabriel/Kate Bush

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I'll Be There: Gerry And The Pacemakers

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Help me  Joni Mitchell


"Help me

I think I'm falling

In love again

When I get that crazy feeling, I know

I'm in trouble again"......


Been there, done that......

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You've Got A Friend: Carole King; James Taylor

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Lean on me   Bill Withers

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Friendship-Chris Stapleton 


Talk to me old pal of mine
If you feel you can't go on
Don't you sweat, it ain't over yet
This bond we share is strong
Now your welfare is my concern
You weigh less than you think
I'll carry you through the sink sands
See if I let you sink

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Human Touch   Bruce Springsteen

Social Butterfly



'Twas in another lifetime

One of toil and blood

When blackness was a virtue

And the road was full of mud

I came in from the wilderness

A creature void of form

Come in, she said, I'll give ya

Shelter from the storm


Bob Dylan












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Amy Winehouse











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You Can Depend On Me: Brenda Lee

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Handy Man by James Taylor

Silver Conversationalist

I Can Help - Billy Swan

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Help! by the Fab 4️⃣

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