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Allman Brothers Band fan discussion

I love The Allman Brothers Band and want to share what I love about them and great ways to listen to them, and hear from others about cool facts, pictures, songs you like, etc.


I'll start by sharing a great picture of the original members:

The original members of the Allman Brothers BandThe original members of the Allman Brothers Band


And here is a great playlist on Spotify


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Have always loved the Allman Brothers. Have a lot of favs but my #1 always will be “Melissa” 🎼💜

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In my humble opinion Blue Sky has one of the best guitar solos of all time. Love the Brothers. 

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I went to school with one of the drummers.   Nice fellow.   Tragically he recently took his own life.     I don't have any idea what the issues were.  

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The Allman brothers were one of the first bands to have two lead guitarists.


“Eat a peach”

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Blue Sky written by Dickey Betts. The song is one of Duane Allman’s final recorded performances with the Allman Brothers. Duane and Dickey alternate playing lead guitar. Duane’s solo begins at 1:07 Betts joins in at 2:29 and then begins his solo at 2:39.

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