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Re: Quizzes to Earn Points AARP Rewards For Goods

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@HokiePoq  I just sent you a PM. Smiley Happy


Back to say: check out how I had a field day with $200 worth of JC Penney gift cards that cost me 2,000 points and $171. (The rub being: we bought a bunch of clothing for 70-90% off and still have over $50 left ... which, in a very lucky turn of events, ended up being put onto our visa card. Smiley Happy)


There are deals to be had. Smiley Happy


Best to you in 2018!



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Re: Quizzes to Earn Points AARP Rewards For Goods

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@Epster   Saw your kudo so thought I'd post again on this.   Have been thinking about it.   I've noticed the "not a robot" feature on some of the tasks we do daily.   This makes me think that some who have the knowledge how to set up a robot type feature on their computers got megapoints in this manner.   I've heard on other boards about internet voting polls being ruled by bots and perhaps this is what happened.   Right now there's no good way to spend the points I've earned except daily deal if one is fortunate to get one of the $5 free cards.    I've found discounted gift cards at the warehouse clubs...probably not all of them but a number of won't spend for the $10 off $100 when I can get that for no points.   However that ratio of points is still useful to determine the acutal value of points.  That is about what I used to think was a reasonable amount to bid in an auction.   If the old bidding system was  around, I'd probably be hanging around the site all day looking for the power plays like I used to.   

Yesterday's (1-2) email had a great link to a quiz that gave 1200 points!   Also enjoy the news quizzes but wish they really did come out every week. I've gone from 50K to 245K points since last summer when I began using your hints....but no where to spend them.  

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Re: Quizzes to Earn Points AARP Rewards For Goods

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Yes, the bidding is crazy for $5 and $10 auctions now.  Just makes no sense.

You are right that the old way at least gave someone with low points a chance, but people had to click all day just to keep up..   


Probably better would have been a current bid amount rather than max bid amount.  Means you still have to be active even until the closing of auction, but it is not click based and you would only bid what you think would be ok at the time. 

Still would have increased values though, but would not confuse people like the max bid does.


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Re: Quizzes to Earn Points AARP Rewards For Goods

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It was hard to win with the last minute bidding but not impossible. I got several gift cards that way over the years with the power plays when not so many people were present at the last minute.
Customer service is good about restoring the points not awarded.
Several of us here have wondered just how some get so many points. Some great posters have given the rest of us tips on how to get points in more ways, but they are not the ones throwing a million points around. The old power plays hada reasonable value attached to the prize in relation to the points due to the limited bidding time.
Now everything goes at ridiculous totals and prices low points people out of the auctions completely....and those who have worked hard every day to amass points don't spend a hundred thousand points on a $5 gift card.
I share your frustration, just didn't have it with the old bidding system which allowed the small total people to have a chance to win.
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