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Re: AARP on-line retirement calculator

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Hip, Hip, Hooray!  I only had to input my information twice, but I actually got a graph and the 300 points.  Wow!  Impressive!  It's really actually a sad day when it's an anomaly when something on this website works.  But, none-the-less, I'm just reporting that the calculator and the points did work.  This once.  Kudos!

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Re: AARP on-line retirement calculator

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It's not working.  You can "kill" the long-running script and get to the next page, but then, when you click on "Click here to see your results" nothing happens.  No error message, nothing.

Of course, that means that there are no rewards for good points (300), and there's no results to see with the changes made in the past few months.

Usual crap for this website.  I sometimes don't know why I even bother.

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Re: AARP on-line retirement calculator

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I can't find a web site feedback page, so I hope someone is monitoring this.


I've tried using the retirement calculator on both Chrome and Firefox.


It locks up at the same point, after I've selected the lifestyle level and hit the "view your graphs" button.


The browser displays an error dialog box, giving me a choice between waiting for the script to continue or killing it.


Waiting never resolves the issue; the dialog box returns giving me the same choices.


Killing the script returns me to the beginning of rhe process.


I've tried reloading and clearing the cache.

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