Fitness Expert Denise Austin Shares her Biggest Barrier to Staying Fit! What are Your Barriers to Exercising?

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@sm19422486   @AARPTeri  I never get the double points either because I have completed the quiz sometime prior to the time it is set to award double points.  I guess that is what happens when you complete quizzes before they are set up as 'specials'.  It would be nice if it the 'special activities' were reset for all to take advantage of the double points.


P.S.  @AARPTeri  Thank you for letting us know about the new quizzes and the 'fix' on the recipe search.



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Thanks Terri. I have a question about the featured quiz that offering double the points...Today is Valentines and the quiz is not opened for points, I never qot the one for last month either....So I'm missing out on the double points quiz, can you check on that for me? Thank you for all you do.  

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