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Re: Earning Rewards for Good Points for Activities

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Hey @jr16374389, your images didn't post, so I don't know if you already know what I'm about to share. Sorry. Also, disclaimer: I am not with AARP and thus cannot answer the portion of your query about their less-than-awesome response to your email. I think, maybe, though, I can shed some light on the points badge.


If the points badge looks like this (has a number in the center) then those points are yours to claim. Should you take a quiz with points showing in the points badge, but it refuses to award them (which they say can take up to 24 hours) then by all means, call the Rewards for Good customer service line 1 888 842 2891. (Don't call AARP about Rewards for Good. They don't operate the rewards program, so basically all they can do is give you the run around. Go directly to the Rewards people.


Tax Aide Site Locator Points Badge.png



By the way, that's an old image. The Tax-Aide Site Locator is disabled this time of year.


OK. If the points badge looks like this ('???' or 'what's this' in the middle) then that activity is not going to award you points no matter how many times you bang your head against the wall and whisper foreign sounding words ... uh, sorry, that's me ... no matter how many times you complete the activity.

r4g points badge.png



That being said, you should get a pop-up like this whenever you open a Rewards activity that's not eligible for earning.


Mortgage payoff calculator .png




Hope this helps. Smiley Happy





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Re: Earning Rewards for Good Points for Activities

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Earning Rewards for Good Points for Activities

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All eligible activities are kept up to date on the Earn Points page. Remember, you must be logged into first in order to earn points from completing these activities. We're passionate about improving your overall Rewards for Good experience. Point-earning activities may change at any time, so check the Earn Points page for the most current information.

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