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  • swhitaker99

    If you are visiting Austin, a visit to the Oasis Restaurant at Lake Travis is a must see and do!  The food is outstanding, but the real star of the show is the view of beautiful Lake Travis at sunset. Have a margarita on the porch and feel like a real Texan!!

  • jf2204864

    This is a great family place. 

  • w882232s

    First went there on a school field trip in 1964. Kids will love it!!!  Has a German U-Boat and a working coal mine. Near the UofI Circle Campus. secure parking. Make a good summer family outing

  • k231802l

    Ride to the top of the Prudential Center on a clear day for stunning views of Boston.

  • 1958baby

    The Modern is the classy restaurant located in The Modern Art Museum in NYC! we had a 13 course dinner there that was exquisite! 

  • hound51

    This is not an ordinary zoo, but rather, a sanctuary for abandoned, former laboratory, hard luck, and zoo surplus exotic animals. Nestled on the edge of the hill country, the zoo features more of an open, ranch style setting, with well-cared for animals including tigers, bears, monkeys, and lions, along with educational programs. Kids will enjoy the train, on which you can see areas and animals that are otherwise unreachable at the zoo. This is an entirely non-profit facility--they receive zero funding from the city.

  • dt20846455

    By far worth a beautiful drive to get too. 

  • j894827c


  • ChiefBender

    My wife and I had the to go to Historical Williamsburg and spend a long weekend.  The Colonial Lodge and village was and exciting event.  The spa the way from the lodge is and way to spend a half a day getting pampered.  Then enjoy and evening meal at the lodge.


    There are six unique hotel properties, all of which are just a short walk to Colonial Williamsburg. The great thing is you do not need a car to get around once you arrive. 


    The Historical village is also part of the historic triangle which includes Jamestown ad Yorktown.


    In the heart of the Colonial Williamsburg, you step back into time and feel like you have become part of history and get a feeling of what it might have been like to live during this period.


    Spend a couple of days getting to know the townspeople, tradespeople, as well as the shop keepers.  Have fun shopping and purchasing 18th centntry goods and then join  local politicians and hear what political figures of the time had to say about the pending war with England. Spend your leisure walking and exploring the challenges of the daily life of townspeople, against the backdrop of revolutionary township.





  • a137565c

    Visit Ybor City in Tampa Florida 

  • ekmc

    Boston is the cradle of liberty - history abounds here and there is so much to see and do.... but walking the city can wear you out.  My best tip -- the  Trolley Tours -- they let you hop on and off all day long with 19 stops including Fenway Park, the Boston Tea party ships,  Boston Commons, the old State House, Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market--And More.  See it all without burning shoe leather.  Unlimited on and off, no time schedule but your own.   Enjoy Boston!  



  • k200007g

    i have entered

  • cararo

    Lovely Huge Aquarium, filled with wonder and as is indoors beat the heat and rain

  • laurie251

    If you are looking to stay at a hotel in Las Vegas with a bit of whimsy, you will love the Excalibur. How many times in your life can you stay in a castle? It is located on a busy corner near several other fun hotels like New York New York and large shopping complexes, so 016.JPGThe Excalibur Las Vegasyou wll find many ways to enjoy your time there.

  • LJelicks

    Escape to Wave HIll- explore beautiful gardens and relax with a view of the Hudson and Palisades.

    enhance.jpgPurple wonder at Wave Hill




  • oliviatapia123

    Traveling to Austin, TX is so much fun.  One of my favorite places to visit is Whole Foods Flagship Store.  It's the first Whole Foods ever.  They have everything and loads of samples.  So much fun!

  • PIFA123

    In the heart of NY City lies Central Park. Most people do not know they have a wonderful zoo inside which one can view very active polar animals such as this play polar bear.DSC01193.JPG

  • pauline301

    Kennesaw Mountain National Park is such a great place to walk/hike and enjoy the history that happened there during the Civil War... Battleground of the Atlanta Campaign.  I sure enjoyed  when I lived there.

  • r327932k

    Everyone who visits New York should walk the High Line if the weather is nice. If it's not - then just go through the Chelsea Market.

  • s796795k

    If you visit Tampa, I highly recommend La Teresita for great (& inexpensive) Cuban food. You can sit at the counter or at a table in the larger dining area. Hugo's is also really good. 

  • JTH24

    To get away from the husle and bustle, visit the Cloisters. Relax and enjoy the medieval experience.

  • sm2941390

    Never knowing if I'll encounter disturbing noises that could keep me awake, I travel with a sound machine and let the ocean lull me to sleep - also helps if I pack my own silky pillowcase

  • lesliethomson808

    Public transportation. Get out of your car. Take the Metro, light rail, mono rail or a ferry.  Snag a transfer, good for a couple hours of bus hopping. Enjoy the sites. The views on the 520 bridge include Mt Rainer, back side of Seattle skyline, Lake Washington wild life and boating. Ferry to Bainbridge island, Bremerton, do the Titantic stand on the bow overlooking Seattle skyline and Ferris wheel 

  • h20gator

    Not many tourists know about the Japanese Tea Garden, but a trip to San Francisco, CA is incomplete without going there.tour138_1.jpg

  • k259572h

    The Atlanta Zoo is a fun place to go.

  • cindycroom

    Make sure to visit one of many Bagels shops and get a quick breakfast before heading off to a great location to visit. I like Lox & Cream Cheese on a New York style bagel and loved eating at

    Katz Bagels
    3147 16th St (btwn Guerrero & Albion)
    San Francisco, CA 94103
    So enjoy a quick breakfast in the mornng but save room for the many great deli's for lunch.
  • h820315c

    Columbia sc zoo is a great spot to go

  • kmflener

    This is a sanctuary for big cats (lions, tigers, jaguars, etc) who have been abused or bought as pets then owner could not care for them or they have been rescued from road side carnivals, etc.  This is so much better of experience than your typical zoo or even Bush Gardens.  You are taken on a tour by your private tour guide (small group).  You get to be up close to these amazing animals.  And when the lion roars you can actually feel the earth move!  It is amazing.  I live in the Tampa area (decades) and have been to just about every amusement park and zoo - this is #1




  • qbromo9

    In NYC, there is no better low priced attraction than the Staten Island Ferry.

  • bb70023370

    This is a wonderful, peaceful combination of an old European monastery/convent and an art museum.  It's setting is lush and tranquil and feels like it's far away from bustling New York City but it's really a bus or subway ride from downtown.  The artwork - paintings, carvings and statues -is authentic and from the time and places evoked by the architectural setting.  I especially loved the gardens!  Go and visit, you will be glad that you did.