• ChiefBender

    My wife and I had the to go to Historical Williamsburg and spend a long weekend.  The Colonial Lodge and village was and exciting event.  The spa the way from the lodge is and way to spend a half a day getting pampered.  Then enjoy and evening meal at the lodge.


    There are six unique hotel properties, all of which are just a short walk to Colonial Williamsburg. The great thing is you do not need a car to get around once you arrive. 


    The Historical village is also part of the historic triangle which includes Jamestown ad Yorktown.


    In the heart of the Colonial Williamsburg, you step back into time and feel like you have become part of history and get a feeling of what it might have been like to live during this period.


    Spend a couple of days getting to know the townspeople, tradespeople, as well as the shop keepers.  Have fun shopping and purchasing 18th centntry goods and then join  local politicians and hear what political figures of the time had to say about the pending war with England. Spend your leisure walking and exploring the challenges of the daily life of townspeople, against the backdrop of revolutionary township.





  • mg97164638

    The Old Post Office was constructed at the end of the 19th century and has survived several demolition attempts. The first was as early as the early 20th century when it was only 20 or so years old.  I saw it in 2000 and it was barely getting by even after a save in the 70's and a remodel in the 80's.  The building is unusual as it has a glass ceiling atrium where postal employees worked, but it also has a tower that contains a collection of bells given to the US by a group from the UK and are called the Congressional Bells and are the second largest in North America.  You get a 360 degree view of DC and it is still controlled by the US Park Service even though the building is now under a lease by Trump Hotels as a Luxury hotel.  Most of the original details are still preserved though the interior has been altered for the Trump Hotel.  The tower is the crown jewel of a building that has survived multiple demolition attempts and is something I would highly reccomend for a visit to DC.

  • jmt8514

    Hours and hours of fascinating stuff.

  • ro5887

    Visit Old Salem in Winston Salem North Carolina. They have period costume actors describing all the life in one of the oldest towns in the US. This includes the first back church in the US.

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  • Purplelady100

    Visit this amazing museum on a Tuesday for FREE entry into the Butterfly Exhibit!

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  • patleyski

    Lincoln's Waffle Shop, across from Ford's Theatre, is a great spot for breakfast -- and not just waffles. They have tasty food, generous portions, reasonable prices -- and atmosphere you can't beat!

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  • tl84518491

    On the Washington Mall grounds between the actual Washington Monument and the World War II Memorial, you will find a 3' high obolisk.  That is the actual center point of the Washington National Mall. Prior to building the Washington Mounument, they had tested the ground for sink ratio. But as they investigated this location for the Washington Monument, they realized it would block the views from the Capital to the Lincoln and White House to the Jefferson Memorial. They then decided to move the Washinton Monument location off-center to its present day location. And the 3' obolisk remains at the exact center of the Washington National Mall.

    Original Washington Monument.jpg


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  • dvsweeper

    While in DC take a short ride north to visit the Baltimore inner Harbour and the Natioanl Aquarium in Baltimore.

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  • b668320m

    As long as you are organized and prepared if anything goes off plan it will be easy to fix.

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  • z698517j

    Its best to travel light and with friends

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  • m578293l

    What a trip!!+

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  • f367222c

    Had a wonderful time with my wife in DC. 

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  • k669324s

    When you stay in a hotel,wait until you have checked the room for bedbugs before bringing in yourluggage. They are behind the headboard and under the mattress.you will see red spots. Always check, no matter how fancy the hotel.

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  • KellieLor

    After the Cherry Blossoms, after the Momuments and after the Reflecting Pond travel just across the Potomac to Old TownAlexandria, where unexpected gems awaits you.  Stroll Captain's Row, the picturesque 100 block of Prince Street dating from the 1700s, where sea captains docking at Alexandria wharves once built their homes. Walk down King Street, Alexandria's main thoroughfare decked with red brick, stylish boutiques, award-winning restaurants and unique art galleries.


    y day, Old Town bustles with museum-goers, art enthusiasts, and shoppers. Night or day, top chefs draw diners with creative menus and exquisite experiences. At night, Old Town bars and pubs are abuzz with live music, along with local beer or craft cocktails.

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  • k442432p

    Always try and plan trips that dont have to be date specific for times of year when hotels and flights are cheapest like non. Peak season 

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  • jcomerjr

    You can visit historical sites, mainly Civil War battle sites, easily

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  • kbmassey

    Washington DC to visit The White House and Mr President along with my octogenarian Mom

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  • py1598

    While in Atlanta, don't miss the CNN Center.  You will be able to make your very own news video!

    While in Boston, be sure to take a cruise to whalewatch.  Humpback whales galore!

    While in Chicago, take in a dinner and theater and listen to real jazz on Halstead.

    While in Denver, visit the Butterfly Museum.  Amazing!

    While in Las Vegas, get away to Sam's Town.  It's a break from all the LV craziness!

    While in New York, you must see the area where 9/11 happened.  It will stay with you.

    While in Portland, who knew they had a Japanese Garden?  Beautiful!

    While in San Francisco, you must travel down Lombard Street, the crookedest street in the U.S.

    While in Seattle, you must make a side trip to Victoria's Butchart Gardens.  You won't believe how beautiful!  You can even take home some on their homegrown delights!

    While in Washington, D.C., be sure to tour the FBI building, the theater where Lincoln was shot and the house in which he died which is located right across the street.


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  • m330230c

    Union Market is a collection of local vendor who serve a delicious variety of foods to enjoy on site or take home. Always something new and delicious to enjoy!

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  • jem440

    The Library of Congress is stunning and fascinating.  Take the guided tour or wander around on your own, but GO!

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  • mo2075

    The dining room of the West Wing of the White House- intimate with excellent service by U. S. Navy and outstanding food; one could hardly feel more special!

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  • gpennst1

    I check the local newspapers and magazines for special hotel rates, meals,etc.

    you can get some fantastic deals this way.  If they say  you dodn't live there when i give them the code.  I say just because I don't live in Philadlephia doesn't mean I dodn't reatd the Inquirer.


    the coupon Man


    Jim Massey

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  • lt6730

    I never tire of visiting Washington, DC.  There is so, so very much to do and to see.  The National Zoo, all the monuments & memorials, the Smithsonian Museums, the Nat'l Gallery of Art,  Arlington Cemetery, the Capital Building, the National Holocaust Museum, Vietnam Wall, the National Cathedral, Georgetown, Alexandria, concerts, theater, the cherry blossoms, GW Parkway and the list goes on and on and on. Everyone should visit our nation's capital if they can. Many of the sites are free and well worth your time.  Flowers are in bloom everywhere in the spring and fall in DC is beautiful.  DC also has wonderful restaurants!!  

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  • deaikin

    When the cherry blossoms are in bloom a good place to view them is from the Jefferson Memorial.

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  • dc2379

    This is a wonderful place to visit with children or grandchildren. It is interactive and fun for the whole family. We spent an afternoon here and all had a great seeing all of the top secret and interesting things used by spies. The gift shop has a very unique collection of spy related gifts. Our daughter bought peanut butter jars for holding "secret" treasures for all of her friends.

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  • bb727

    Always check to ensure that the sights that you are planning to see will be open on the days and times that you are wanting to see them. Nothing is worse than showing up and finding out that a sight is closed.

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  • dk84163551
    Wow what an in depth museum. We spent the whole day and didn't see it all. You just had to go slow. The hallway windows that had victims names on it, it was very sobering.. We are definitely going again when we go to Washington DC in February.
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  • cmddv

    Went there for our 50th anniversary and would visit again.


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  • Elizabethgarrett

    Stay in a B&B in Fairfax. It's an easy drive to Arlington National Cemetery which is a must see.  The changing of the guard is really special.  You can take a trolley from there into DC and not worry about parking. 

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  • bc65814349

    Try a Ledo's pizza, light flaky crust defines this regional treat.

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