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  • pw19929716

    When in Seattle take a day trip to Indianola, WA. It's about an hour drive by car, but the best way to get there is by ferry. Drive on to the Brainbridge Ferry from downtown Seattle and enjoy the view across the sound. Indianola is on the water and beautiful little town. So many cute little shops and great places to eat.

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  • nd3550

    We had a small camper and were lucky enough to go to all the continental US except for Nebraska. What a wonderful thing to do. Wish everyone could do it. We saw so many beautiful things that it is hard to point out just one. This is a beautiful country..

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  • stevenaff

    We have found that there are way too many attractions in the 50 United States to go off into other parts of the world just yet. We try to go three times per year on ventures away from the local area. We have hit the Southwest pretty hard, so now we are branching out into the North West and plans for the North East in 2017. We have utilized timeshares for our accomodatins to assure that the stay is pleasant and safe. We are somewhat restricted due to working for the time being, but we are looking forward to impromptu travel once we have both retired.

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  • ecooper41

    We always take visiting friends (especially with kids) to the gigantic Woodland Park Zoo. It has loads of free parking. Give yourself 2-3 hours to wander about because it is vast ... with acreage for bears (see them close-up swatting at trout through big viewing windows), plus a preserve for orangutan with great elevating viewing points. Don't miss the Butterfly House. Also, try to catch one of the live music concerts held during the summer months!

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  • tnealon

    Did you know the City of Seattle has a 'secret city' underground in the Pioneer Square area and you can tour it?  Seattle was built on tidelands with constant water, flooding and drainage/sewer problems from its inception. After the Great Seattle Fire of 1889, the streets were elevated one to two stories above where originally set out.  What was left were businesses below street level and a series of storefronts, passage-ways and basements accessed from the street level by ladder. Imagine the ladies of the day having to climb underground in their long skirts and hats to access businesses/shopping.  The vast majority of visitors to Seattle (and some residents) are or were not aware of this fact.  It is a most interesting site to see and tours are available in Pioneer Square.  The Seattle Underground is well worth seeing when in Seattle and is filled with interesting history on how Seattle began.  

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  • thomasxrose

    Best Farmers' Market in Washington State. 



    Year-Round, 52 Sundays per year 10AM - 3PM.  

    I'll se you there.

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  • kresshouse

    In Denver try White Fence Farm on West Jewell. There's something for everyone in the family and the best fried chicken you'll find. But leave room for one of their homemade desserts too.


    In San Francisco find the Fortune Cookie factory on Ross Alley in Chinatown. It's a tiny building but you'll get to see how the fortune gets inside the cookie. 


    In Seattle find a HomeGrown (they have multiple locations now). They serve locally sourced, sustainable sandwhiches. If you try the original site in the Fremont district, get directions to see the troll under the bridge.  OR, take the I-90 across to Mercer Island and try the mac and cheese at Bennetts. Their homemade soups are delicious too!


    If you've got your grandkids with you in Las Vegas, get off the beaten path and visit the Discovery Children's Museum on Promenade. It's three stories loaded with hands on activities, as well as seats for grandparents to re-charge while still keeping on eye on the little ones.


    In New York, you can often get great seats for a show by stopping by the ticket window a couple of hours before a show. Even during opening week, there can be unsold seats in good locations.



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  • oberg

    Barely on the radar for residents Kubota Garden in South Seattle is one of most beautiful and peaceful places in the city. It's a Northwest native species garden in Japanese style and it's usually very quiet and lovely. Explore the trails, bridges and native plants. It's not big spectacular attraction but rather an understated oasis in a growing city.


    On your way back into the city center stop by Uwajimaya find the most reasonably priced and wonderful selection of Pacific Northwest Oysters. You can find a wide variety of the best and freshest oysters in the region and the sake selection is one fo the best in the city. If you are staying in a place with a kitchen pick up some oysters and good bottle of dry sake to finish off the day. Bishonen is a popular sake and Onigoroshi is very popular and for good reason. You can also find many other sakes, and shochu. If you are on a budget the Sho Chiku Bai is one of the first sake made in America and it's very close to Japanese sake. The sake I drank with my grandfather is Hakutsuru and it's a very good Japanese sake the fills me with memories.  [you can even buy an oyster knife at the seafood counter].


    If oysters aren't your preference you can find a wide variety of seafood from the area. Pick up Dugeness crab, some perfect sashimi or if you prefer land the meat department has great quality. Pick up kalbi marinated short ribs or some amazing Wagyu beef steaks and then stop by the produce department. Or, wander down a couple blocks and visit Shanghai Garden for light healthy oriented Chinese cuisine to eat a nice meal or pick up some delicious vegetable dishes to compliment you seafood bounty.

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  • ro240

    I love to stay at the Cedar Cove Inn at Port Orchard, Washington. It's about 1.5 to 2 hours from Seattle depending which way you go. It overlooks the Olympic Mountains and Sinclair Inlet. It's beautiful inside and out with a great breakfast. Debbie Macomber is one of my favorite authors and she is from Port Orchard. The inn is not too far from Debbie's knitting store and the landmarks from her books.

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  • cbowman52

    Ye Olde Curiosity Shop is located east of downtown Seattle on the waterfront. This place is packed with crazy/bizarre items you won't find anywhere else!

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  • mtargets

    Free samples of the wonderful Market Spice tea at the Market Spice Tea shop.

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  • Brightpool

    Anytime you stay on the Olympic Peninsula, park and ride the Bainbridge Ferry to Seattle and take a walking tour from the wharfs to downtown and to Pike Place. It makes for a great day trip!

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  • pc78589210

    What a fabulous exhibit right next to the Space Needle! We visited while waiting for our timed ticked on the Needle. Make sure you watch the video about the artist. There are a couple of nice spots to relax with light meals or lemonades. The City Pass was a great value for us. We utilized all 5 parts of the pass - great value! There are several choices that will appeal to families with children and travelers without little ones. We enjoyed the Harbor Cruise, Aquarium, and EMP Museum in addition to the Chihuly and Space Needle.

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  • ej64073754

    We took a taxi from the airport, and the driver gave us the most interesting tour of Seattle, WA.

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  • jl1509

    El Quetzal in the Beacon Hill neighborhood has great Mexican food, including excellent tortas.

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    an old market right in downtown Seattle..

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  • dg7020

    I think Seattle would be a neat city for walking.  Also near the California Redwoods and we could see both places.  We have family in Astria, Oregon, we would also visit.

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    just go to Walt Disney World.  you know you want to!

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  • ms7904

    Out of towners have a really unexpected fun time when they are taken to the Troll under the HWY 99 bridge. Countless pictures have been taken and unique memories made by locals and visitors alike. A definite "must" destination for a whimsical respite!

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  • jane5760

    Head to Pike Market for a great brunch at Maximilien restaurant. Be sure to get a table with a view of the ferrys on Elliott Bay! Wonder around the market-shop the huge variety of handicrafts and foods. Next, walk up to Seattle GlassBlowing Studio for a private glass blowing lesson. You'll have such fun with your private instructor and you keep the objects you make. Enjoy an early dinner at the Dahlia Lounge. Then, it's off to The Lookout for drinks with a view of the sunset. 

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    pacific science center


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