• Never knowing if I'll encounter disturbing noises that could keep me awake, I travel with a sound machine and let the ocean lull me to sleep - also helps if I pack my own silky pillowcase

  • Not many tourists know about the Japanese Tea Garden, but a trip to San Francisco, CA is incomplete without going there.tour138_1.jpg

  • Make sure to visit one of many Bagels shops and get a quick breakfast before heading off to a great location to visit. I like Lox & Cream Cheese on a New York style bagel and loved eating at

    Katz Bagels
    3147 16th St (btwn Guerrero & Albion)
    San Francisco, CA 94103
    So enjoy a quick breakfast in the mornng but save room for the many great deli's for lunch.
  • I used to live in San Francisco and I left my heart there.  I have lots of good friends who will put me up for a day or a month.  Here are my must visits: Mt. Tamalpias, Muir Woods and Muir Beach, Chinatown, the look-out point overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and the ocean on the Marin Side (Great for watching the sunset, then dinner in Sausalito), walking on or along the beach, and walking the cliff path north of the Cliff House to Legion of Honor. 

  • Driving a convertible vehicle from on end of California to the other.

  • I love staying at the St Francis on Union Square in the old part of the hotel. It's half a block from the trolley stops at Geary and Powell. Make a day of it by taking the Powell-Hyde trolley to Fisherman's Wharf. It leaves you off a block from Ghirardelli Square and two blocks from the Wharf. Yes, it's touristy, but it's fun to visit the Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum and Madame Tussauds at least once. Enjoy lunch on the Wharf (crabs!) At the end of your day on the Wharf, walk the three blocks over to Trader Joe's and pick up some bread (Boudin sourdough, the best!), cheese, and a bottle of sparkling wine for tomorrow's breakfast. Take the Powell-Mason trolley back to the St Francis for a long soak in the tub before going for cocktails at the Redwood Room at the Clift (two blocks away) then out to dinner in one of the many great nearby restaurants. By the way, Chinatown is just a short walk away, about 5 blocks, from the St. Francis.


    There are so many cultural attractions, beautiful parks and amazing vistas to see in the city, all of them easily reached by bus or trolley from the St. Francis. Plan to spend at least four days in San Francisco to enjoy some of them at a leisurely pace. There's no way to see them all in a week, so save some for your next trip back, Yeah, you'll be back.

  • you can take a tour to alcatraz from there, it's amazing!

  • the art, entertainment, food, sights and sounds, love it.

  • there are so many stairs located in and around SF that take you on some incredible climbs, but the views are scenry is spectacular. I climbed in the area arounf the Wharf and made a route map of the different stairs. Google the area you are in and make your own route. It is the best thing I have ever done in SF.


  • San Fran!!

  • A good place to visit is the Godiva Chocolatier in San Francisco.

  • Congratulations to our three lucky winners!


    1st place: http://community.aarp.org/t5/Reveal-Your-Travel-Secrets/Under-the-Gate/cns-p/1754490: “One of our favorite places in S.F. is the parking lot at Fort Point, beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. Watch the boats, sailboarders, fishermen - or just enjoy the waves and views. We grab a cookie and some bread at Boudin's, then sit in the car and enjoy a bit of the city you won't find anywhere else.”


    2nd place: http://community.aarp.org/t5/Reveal-Your-Travel-Secrets/Amazing-bats/cns-p/1749055: “There is a bridge in Austin that is home to more than 1.5 million bats. Every night at dusk they fly off to feed. They eat a lot of mosquitoes - several times their body weight - and other flying bugs. You sit on the hillside and watch the sun go down and the bats come out. Starts with a few here and there and before long the sky is black with them. There are volunteers on hand who provide information , both printed and oral. They love to talk about this unusual experience. It is an indelible memory I have of Austin.”


    3rd place: (http://community.aarp.org/t5/Reveal-Your-Travel-Secrets/Peace-and-Tranquility/cns-p/1755444😞  “I used to live in Portland near this hidden treasure. The Grotto in Portland off of Sandy Blvd.  is unique in that it is like stepping back in time within a busy, bustling city to find peace, beauty and tranquility. It is near a hill/mountain within the city which makes it unique in that you can hike the mountain (or drive) and even take the elevator down to street level along the rock wall if you don't wish to walk or drive back down. But parking at street level and just walking among the old growth to the pastoral rock wall and pews to meditate or just 'enjoy the quiet'. You can walk on the trails to various statue placed religious items enjoy the gift shop............all non-denominational. A wonderful place to breathe, get centered and gather the calm!”

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  • 1472630402191-357175884.jpgHello, my name is Curtis and I want to 2in so I can take my family on a trip, we live pay check to pay check and I want to show them a good time and have some fun.




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  • Wow!  gO TO THE lOWES rEGENCY!!  its walking distance to everything and the view are to die for!!  aND Sign up way in advance to visit Alcatraz...that tour was awesome!!

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  • The last time I was in San Francisco I discovered a hidden gem. None of my friends had ever mentioned having gone to the Japanese Tea Garden. We were walking in Golden Gate Park and there it was. Such a delightful, beautiful place to visit. 

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  • The Golden Gate Bridge

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  • One if the nicest places to go in San Francisco over the weekend is Dolores park in the missions. It has a fantastic view and it's full of celebrations.

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  • Please enter me in the contest

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  • I ran from greenbow, alabama to the california coast, then on to new york. Then i ran back to the california coast again. I got tired in arizona on the return and then went home.

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  • Be true. Be you. Be kind. Be positive 🙂

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  • Down on the water by fisherman's wharf, there is a few boats that do tours of the area. If u go to the end of the dock past the boats, there is a great spot to see the golden gate Bridge and alcatraz.. u it's not as close as the tour but great site to see for free.

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  • I don't understand?

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  • A must see in the Bay area.

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  • Pack the old holey underwear, socks and throw them away. That blouse, t-shirt or polo with the little ink stain? Pack it, wear it and throw it away. You'll have less laundry to do at the end of your trip and more room in your luggage for souvenirs or whatever you pick up on your travels.

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  • taking day off and exploring new things about your home city can be an inexpensive and fun vacation day

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  • I guess one could never change the mind of someone who wants to visit San Francisco and take in all the oh-so-well-known museums, halls, city-marked historical-type landmarks, clubs, etc., standard vacation destinations, BUT if you have already partaken of these delights, maybe you ought to start considering the San Francisco Bay Area! A place that I enjoy visiting, partly because of my background here in Silicon Valley, and partly because I enjoy the history (of which I have become a part), and partly because I am an engineer at heart and looking at parts, and prototypes, and logistical drawings, etc. is my cup of tea, is the Computer History Museum.

    [(AARP! This is an aside, not part of this review I have tried to write, genuinely ASKING for a look-up address for this. I am handicapped and don't have it--the address--anywhere nearby. Whenever I try to leave one program running to look up something, I invariably close/quit whatever file I specifically wanted to remain open, and then I manage to lose what I had written that contained the thing I was looking up! PS: AND, I am not a complete nerd when it comes to computers. I was an independent contractor here in the valley back in the days  of glory! Did corporate style checking, press proofs proofing, and more, particularly for Apple, and lots of editing, and illustration, and blah,blah, for companies all over the valley and beyond.)]
    AARP: I apologize, but I am out of time and energy! My health can cause me to have to quit in the middle of something, and, since I don't know whether I can save and return to finish my diatribe! So sorry. It is a neat place!)]
    If I can, I will write more, either later tonight or Wednesday. My Tuesday calendar is already packed, for me, R.L.F. Magee.)]


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  • My Super Star Daughter live in the Bay Area an is always on the Leading Edge of Knowing how to Live and share with others by setting an example.   She is a creative writer that has been know for always selecting the right word that "fits" what she is sharing.  She lives with a friend and two Dogs.   We both believe they are "Gods", My Windsor yellow labrador, named by her, "Labrador, Canada, Running through the Winds, WINDSOR is his name" upon seeing a photo when he was 19 pounds.  The message is clear since she was 7 when she left for school and mentioned she wanted a party afterschool with Balloons and Cake and all.   I said "Whoes Birthday is it, why do you want a party?"  Tamara then replied "It's noones birthday, I just want a party :-)"   I told her "Everyday can't be just a Party!!" to which she said , "Well to me it is :-)"  She has live her 52 years following that priniciple !! 🙂 

    WINDSOR Love n'Dad

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  • While in Atlanta, don't miss the CNN Center.  You will be able to make your very own news video!

    While in Boston, be sure to take a cruise to whalewatch.  Humpback whales galore!

    While in Chicago, take in a dinner and theater and listen to real jazz on Halstead.

    While in Denver, visit the Butterfly Museum.  Amazing!

    While in Las Vegas, get away to Sam's Town.  It's a break from all the LV craziness!

    While in New York, you must see the area where 9/11 happened.  It will stay with you.

    While in Portland, who knew they had a Japanese Garden?  Beautiful!

    While in San Francisco, you must travel down Lombard Street, the crookedest street in the U.S.

    While in Seattle, you must make a side trip to Victoria's Butchart Gardens.  You won't believe how beautiful!  You can even take home some on their homegrown delights!

    While in Washington, D.C., be sure to tour the FBI building, the theater where Lincoln was shot and the house in which he died which is located right across the street.


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  • Best lunch sandwich and dessert in SF. Little restaurant, fast food style but gourmet flavors. Try the Arepas, its a big tender juicy hunk of beef with tangy sauce on a gluten free sandwich type bread. What a fantastic burst of flavors, super good. Top that off with the freshest Beignets, a true delight made right on site. Don't miss the colorful deco (including the restrooms)! It's always a destination when we are in town.

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  • Tallest building in San Francisco.

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