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  • aq6824

    From the walkway to the Falls , just beautiful in the morning.

  • beech5

    When you visit Portland, be sure to take a trip out the gorge to climb Beacon Rock.  Located on the Washington side of the river, Beacon Rock is a great uphill hike that rewards you with panoramic views of the beautiful Columbia Gorge.

  • SeaDebi

    th.jpgView of Mt. Hood from Portland hillsth2.jpgKeep Portland WeirdFalls.jpgMultnomah FallsGorge.jpgColumbia River GorgeCannon Beach.jpgCannon Beach, Haystack RockthNRQDF23E.jpgPIg N' Pancake, *must eat* at the beachth6816BR81.jpgFamous Powell's Book storethBG2VRU2D.jpgSkiing at Mt. Hood MeadowsHood_River6.jpgHood River Wind Surfing

  • rlboynton

    My vote- SAVANNAH, GA!  I love, love, love it! This beautiful, Spanish moss dripping from huge trees- city is so different -beautiful old buildings, city squares full of entertainment, horse & buggy rides, old two story houses with gorgous double porches to die for- History loaded.  On River Street watch the huge cargo ships come by and be sure to ride the riverboat up the river & back) and City Market are must sees. Both have many intersting shops, resturants, and candy stores (my favorite)-serving free samples of warm, just made pecan pralines-yum-a diabetic's nightmare! (I'm one & I always have to cheat!) Eating at the Pirates Inn is a must do for the little ones.  Just a hop, skip, jump away is Tybee Island (many call it Savannah Beach).  Beautiful beaches, lots of older houses, many artsy little stores to explore- along with a few hotels.  Don't miss eating at the Crab Shack-eating out on the deck (crab stew & the low country boil-my favorite)on a canal with a few of their cats snoozing sometimes at your feet -is so much fun- where "the elite eat in their bare feet" is their motto! 

  • am37045819

    Multnomah Falls just outside of Portland, OR is a beautiful sight to see.  There is a not so difficult hike to get there, but it is well worth the time.

  • Congratulations to our three lucky winners!


    1st place: http://community.aarp.org/t5/Reveal-Your-Travel-Secrets/Under-the-Gate/cns-p/1754490: “One of our favorite places in S.F. is the parking lot at Fort Point, beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. Watch the boats, sailboarders, fishermen - or just enjoy the waves and views. We grab a cookie and some bread at Boudin's, then sit in the car and enjoy a bit of the city you won't find anywhere else.”


    2nd place: http://community.aarp.org/t5/Reveal-Your-Travel-Secrets/Amazing-bats/cns-p/1749055: “There is a bridge in Austin that is home to more than 1.5 million bats. Every night at dusk they fly off to feed. They eat a lot of mosquitoes - several times their body weight - and other flying bugs. You sit on the hillside and watch the sun go down and the bats come out. Starts with a few here and there and before long the sky is black with them. There are volunteers on hand who provide information , both printed and oral. They love to talk about this unusual experience. It is an indelible memory I have of Austin.”


    3rd place: (http://community.aarp.org/t5/Reveal-Your-Travel-Secrets/Peace-and-Tranquility/cns-p/1755444):  “I used to live in Portland near this hidden treasure. The Grotto in Portland off of Sandy Blvd.  is unique in that it is like stepping back in time within a busy, bustling city to find peace, beauty and tranquility. It is near a hill/mountain within the city which makes it unique in that you can hike the mountain (or drive) and even take the elevator down to street level along the rock wall if you don't wish to walk or drive back down. But parking at street level and just walking among the old growth to the pastoral rock wall and pews to meditate or just 'enjoy the quiet'. You can walk on the trails to various statue placed religious items enjoy the gift shop............all non-denominational. A wonderful place to breathe, get centered and gather the calm!”

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  • kp5157

    My nephew lives in Portland, OR.  I have not heard how he and his room mate are doing.

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  • b236129k

    In my opinion the secret place to visit in Portland is the Shanghai tunnels tour, informative and very thrilling feeling. 

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  • nr8668

    Italian food can be monotonous. And in Portland, you tend to forget about Italian when you have such a variety of restaurants- Middle Eastern, Greek, Indian, Japanese, etc. You also have your typical NW Fare. That's all well and good until you travel with a very picky eater. I realized then that I hadn't tried Italian in Portland, ever. And I was amazed. Coming from Philly and my last name ending in a vowel, I know good food.  

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  • eddiec10

    would like to visit soon.

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  • j597912c

    Smiley Very Happy I'm excited my first trip ever destination Portland OR. 

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  • dl87346761

    I return to this garden every time I visit my birth city.

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  • ck1269

    On the Columbia River, it is Oregon's smallest lighthouse!

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  • juliemartin44

    Powell's has a million or so books - the building is a full square block - and is the largest in the world.  It's so worth the visit!  A special treat ... their Expresso Book Machine gives anyone the power to publish a book.

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  • py1598

    While in Atlanta, don't miss the CNN Center.  You will be able to make your very own news video!

    While in Boston, be sure to take a cruise to whalewatch.  Humpback whales galore!

    While in Chicago, take in a dinner and theater and listen to real jazz on Halstead.

    While in Denver, visit the Butterfly Museum.  Amazing!

    While in Las Vegas, get away to Sam's Town.  It's a break from all the LV craziness!

    While in New York, you must see the area where 9/11 happened.  It will stay with you.

    While in Portland, who knew they had a Japanese Garden?  Beautiful!

    While in San Francisco, you must travel down Lombard Street, the crookedest street in the U.S.

    While in Seattle, you must make a side trip to Victoria's Butchart Gardens.  You won't believe how beautiful!  You can even take home some on their homegrown delights!

    While in Washington, D.C., be sure to tour the FBI building, the theater where Lincoln was shot and the house in which he died which is located right across the street.


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  • dk4623

    I absolutely love "Tea Chai Te" located In Nob Hill . In my opinion, they make the best bubble tea ever along with other interesting tea selections.  Great shopping in the area as well!r

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  • koshka48

    Portland OR is my dream place. Would love to go to check it out and probably will move there!!!

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  • rs41481787

    Portland oregon has some of the best food in the country from all over the state. Fresh seafood and vegetables.

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  • kitev

    The Best state for conservation. The trees seem to be green year round and you can't cut a tree with out permission.

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  • jpj55

    The Screen Door Cafe in Portland Oregon has the best breakfast anywhere.

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  • bajacovey





    just west of portland is Tillamook Cheese Factory. Take the tour and taste the ice cream and cheese. It's amazing. Takes you back to when you were a kid, and food was real!









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  • maryhammond

    Visit Phat Cart Cafe in downtown Portland, near Portland State University.  Great food, special drinks, fun atmosphere and service.

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  • kt99562046

    A great walking and biking city...the underground will get you everywhere.  Want to see a Panda...this is the place to go

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  • my7412

    Mount Hood National Forest is just 60 miles east of Portland, and it has a historic lodge, a ski resort, camping, hiking and much more.  Mt. Hood is beautiful any time of the year.  I especially enjoyed it at Christmas time.  There was so much snow and amazing views!


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  • pdevine12

    I love the walking thru Portland and seeing all of the Fountains.  My favorite is the Ira Keller Fountain. There is a little section in it you can walk behind and see the waterfall from the inside out.  

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  • special4462

    McMinnville is 35 miles southwest of Portland, Oregon, where you will find the Evergreen Aviation Museum.  This is where the famous "Spruce Goose" is housed.  This was the expremental wooden plane built by Howard Hughes in the forties.  He thought with the WWII steel shortage, we could build needed aircraft out of other materials.  Amazingly, it did get off the ground, but that was its only flight.

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  • mjknaebel

    I want to hike the AT in the next year. Travel to all the states it travels thru.


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  • b284897a

    Golden Girl in the Hizzy **bleep**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • cd58793679

    Portland’s Fountains

    Portland is home to lots of unique fountain designs. They are scattered all around the city and you are welcome to get into any or akeller fountain.jpgll of them.  My personal favorite is the Ira Keller Forecourt Fountain.


    The City of Portland has even developed a 2.6 - walking tour of15 decorative and interactive fountains in downtown Portland for you to follow.  Downtown Walking Fountain Tour - Online Brochure.


    Don’t think you can handle the walk, then checkout Portland’s new Bike rental program BIKETOWN.  Great for quick trips around the city.


    Grab a Single Ride whenever you feel like biking instead of driving or taking the bus. Even if you own a bike, BIKETOWN is useful for one-way trips or spontaneous rides, and spares your own bike from additional wear and tear.


    Each Single Ride costs $2.50 and includes 30 minutes of ride time. Rides longer than 30 minutes are an additional 10 cents per minute.





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  • j6160s

    Winner of a Chicken Din dinner

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