• 1958baby

    The Modern is the classy restaurant located in The Modern Art Museum in NYC! we had a 13 course dinner there that was exquisite! 

  • LJelicks

    Escape to Wave HIll- explore beautiful gardens and relax with a view of the Hudson and Palisades.

    Purple wonder at Wave HillPurple wonder at Wave Hill




  • PIFA123

    In the heart of NY City lies Central Park. Most people do not know they have a wonderful zoo inside which one can view very active polar animals such as this play polar bear.DSC01193.JPG

  • r327932k

    Everyone who visits New York should walk the High Line if the weather is nice. If it's not - then just go through the Chelsea Market.

  • JTH24

    To get away from the husle and bustle, visit the Cloisters. Relax and enjoy the medieval experience.

  • qbromo9

    In NYC, there is no better low priced attraction than the Staten Island Ferry.

  • bb70023370

    This is a wonderful, peaceful combination of an old European monastery/convent and an art museum.  It's setting is lush and tranquil and feels like it's far away from bustling New York City but it's really a bus or subway ride from downtown.  The artwork - paintings, carvings and statues -is authentic and from the time and places evoked by the architectural setting.  I especially loved the gardens!  Go and visit, you will be glad that you did.

  • eb7453

    Want to see NYC as if you were a long-time resident? Big Apple Greeters is a FREE behind-the-scenes look at NYC neighborhoods, favorite restaurants and shops, and a chance to enjoy a lovely stroll. As they say on their user-friendly website, greeters are volunteer “friends,” not professional tour guides. The Greeter’s knowledge of New York City is personal knowledge gained from living and working here. Greeter “visits” have no pre-set itineraries, theme tours or start times. You just set that up with the Greeter in advance by e-mail. And, Big Apple Greeter has a no-tipping policy.  You can sign up (3-4 weeks in advance is recommended) via their website at http://form.bigapplegreeter.org/hello/hello/application.php.  I have given tours of the Lower East Side and, in the process, have formed friendships that I maintain through email and visits, with people from all throughout the world. So, it's a great resource for both NYers and out of town visitors. 

  • relicslive

    The Whitney Museum of Art has moved to a new location at 99 Gansevoort.  It is pay what you wish on Friday nights, even if what you wish is nothing.

  • mykansascat

    Free entry to gret museum in historical building nestled downtown near the Freedom Tower and Wall StreetFree admission 7 days a weekFree admission 7 days a weekStatues represent 4 continentsStatues represent 4 continents

  • MusicBoy

    The Staten Island Ferry is free to ride. It is the best way to admire the Manhattan skyline from the harbor.  You can ride the ferry over and then get right back on to return to Manhattan. - 

  • s491087s

    Tucked high above the Hudson near the northern end of Manhattan, the Cloisters is a tranquil oasis of art, architecture and gardens. The four cloisters, beautiful rectangular garden spaces surrounded by collonaded walkways, are from French monasteries and abbeys. The cloisters are connected by indoor chapels and rooms featuring art from different Medieval periods from the 12th to 15th centuries. 


    Among the most well-known are the Flemish Tapestries depicting the Hunt of the Unicorn. There is also stunning stained glass from cathedrals in Europe, illuminated manuscripts and much more.


    I grew up in Manhattan and went as a child, but did not return until my 50s. How much I had forgotten and how much I didn't know existed! The gardens outside recreate Medieval gardens in great detail and are one of the few places you can see rare Medieval species.  The views from the garden walls, overlooking the Hudson and pallisades across the way are spectacular.


    If you buy a ticket to the MET on Fifth Avenue, you get admission to The Cloisters included. A wonderful "antidote" to the crowds of mid-town Manhattan and not to be missed!

  • g356735s

    The Federal Reserve is free to visit and has free guided tours. The gold vault is very interesting tio see.

  • t611498m

    Used by commuters from the NYC borough of Staten Island to and from downtown Manhattan. The approximately 1/2 hour trip each way has a view of lower Manhattan, New York Harbor, Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island ... and it's free!

  • d506817t

    Reasonably priced, delicious food near the theatre district!  Semi-casual red brick architecture makes a cosey atmosphere.  Attentive, knowledgable staff.  Many home made dishes.

  • m134638s

    the diner not only offers great food, the waiters and waitresses are up and coming singers who take turns entertaining the customers with songs.  going from table to table with their renditions of various tunes.  awesome time 

  • chellers1968

    This is an excellent tour - pizza!  Can't complain.  You get to see Brooklyn (from someone that was raised there) and eat pizza at two different favorite locales.  Totally recommend this tour (been on it twice myself).

  • c886166h

    The Lobster Place in Chelsea Market has the best lobster rolls outside of Nantucket. They are buttery and packed to the brim with claw and tail meat. The store itself is amazing -- every kind of seafood imaginable is on display. Chelsea Market is definitely worth a visit during any trip to NYC, and the Lobster Place is a can't miss.

  • jmtg

    Opened in 1904, City Hall Subway Station has beautiful glass tiles and large chandeliers.  It was closed in1945 but the New York City Transit Museum hosts occasional tours.  A must see for those interested in classic architecture.

  • mw1133348

    If you want the BEST & inexpensive Chicken & Waffles...you MUST go to Sweet Chick in LES! The chicken is tender and fried to perfection!   Top it all off with one of their signature syrups (yummy). The atmospehere is so cool, especially if you're able to grab a table by the open window (to people watch of course).

  • bobbykk
    NY Public Library reading room. Quiet and relaxing.
  • bobbyd668

    Theres nothing better than helping people.

  • jodito

    one of the best places for oysters in Queens is the Grill on 70th Rd off of Austin St

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  • totes

    Hop on Staten Island ferry and sail past the Statue of Liberty and enjoy an magnificent view of the skyline,  alll for free....


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  • CarenL

    Sammy's Roumanian Steakhouse in New York, NY has the best steaks I've ever had!  The restaurant itself provides a completely unique atmosphere, as well.  Only a local would know of Sammy's; I can pretty much guarantee it's not in any tour books, so for those who want a real NYC experience, this place can't be missed!

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  • bj611

    The Bronx Zoo, Bronx, NY
    The largest metropolitan zoo in the United States,
    and one of the the largest zoological parks in the world.

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  • kjantzen

    Orchard Beach, Bronx, NY
    Orchard Beach, a 115-acre, 1.1-mile-long beach. The Bronx's sole public beach,
    was proclaimed "The Riviera of New York" when created in the 1930s.

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  • gjantzen

    City Island, Bronx, NY
    A historic seaport island community in New York City,
    a mile and a half long stretch of residences, seafood restaurants,

    fishing boats and rich nautical history.

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  • mg54289137

    Make sure to do a weight check on your luggage before heading out to the airport.  Most airline charge extra for bags over 50lbs.

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  • lv4543

    Located at 343 East 99th Street in the heart of Manhattan is this whimsical museum of trash. Started over 20 years ago by a worker named Nelson in his personal garage, it has since transformed into the entire second floor of the ManEast11 garbage truck garage. Anyone who would love to take a look at this treasure trove of goodies, needs to get in touch with the city for approval. Sanitation workers can see it anytime and love to add to it.

    Trash museum in NY City.jpgNY whimsical trash.jpg

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