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    If you are looking to stay at a hotel in Las Vegas with a bit of whimsy, you will love the Excalibur. How many times in your life can you stay in a castle? It is located on a busy corner near several other fun hotels like New York New York and large shopping complexes, so The Excalibur Las VegasThe Excalibur Las Vegasyou wll find many ways to enjoy your time there.

  • amazongold

    The Carnival World buffet at the Rio in Las Vegas is definitely worth the trip off the Strip.  The hotel is an all-suites hotel, delightful and comfortable.

  • matthewgoins

    Rather than spend a bundle for a 3, 4 or 5 star hotel, try one of our many timeshares! Great for families, especially those with small kids and/or pets for those who just want to enjoy the Las Vegas atmoshpere without dealing with the hustle and bustle of a Casino Hotel! The small kitchen nook also provides an excellent option for healthy imexpensive eating although you gotta indulge at least once at one of our amazing buffets!

  • Jerri53

    There is a very small chain of family owned coffee shop style restaurants in Las Vegas called "Blueberry Hill Family Restaurants".  The service and food are excellent.  It is almost always crowded so allow time when you go.  They are located at:  1505 E. Flamingo; 4875 W. Flamingo; and 1280 S. Decatur. 

    Anytime I go to Las Vegas I go to at least one of these.  They are not too far off the strip but far enough to take advantage of "locals" pricing.


    When you want a regular hearty meal with decent prices and absolutely great service, this is an excellent place to go.  It's also great for families.


    I am not affiliated with these restaurants and do not receive anything from them for my recommendation.

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    Fun, fun, fun to be in Vegas for the many attractions

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    I went to vegas and won some money

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    Great things to see and great food.

  • d103026k

    You must visit Sedona,**bleep**.  It is Red rock country and it is beautiful!  There is also a large resort there.  Sedona is a Quaint little town ,a place known for it's Vortex's of positive and negative energies..  Flagstaff is near by where lodging is less expensive.  There is a paved winding road that goes from flagstaff to Sedona  and there are many different swimming areas along the way including Slide rock State park.   Try Coffee Pot Cafe where you get a view of a mountain shaped like a coffee pot!  in July,August the many Blackberry bushes are ripe for picking!  Lots of neat places to hike and/or walk to and explore.  Red rock loop is a small park with still pools of water to swim in with a rolling river nearby.  There is a view of Cathedral rock from there. An added plus is that Sedona and Flagstaff are on the way to the Grand Canyon! Don't mis visiting this wonderful ,beautiful place where there are lots of pleasant surprises in store for you.

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    54 years old havent been on a vacation in several years.

    I really really neeed one!

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    Big Island, Hawaii

    Arcadia Nat. Park

    New Zealand






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    For the best shrimp cocktail in Las Vegas you need to go to the casino diner in the old Golden Gate Hotel and Casino!

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  • kl4686

    My travel secret in Las Vegas is the J.W. Marriott Resort and Spa. It is away from the busiest tourist areas resulting in a more relaxed atmosphere.  The swimming pools are outstanding. The rooms are beautiful. It is a great hotel to unwind in a park like setting.

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    Top of the world restaurant at Stratosphere

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  • ZICCS5

    I would highly recommend anyone to visit Las Vegas; stayed at the Wynn the last time and it was fabulous.

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  • jm87648569

    In the summer (to cool off) or the winter (for skiing or snow boarding) check out the slopes and Lodge at the Lee Canyon Resort...only minutes (45 miles) northwest of Las Vegas.

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  • mdfogg

    United Artist parking garage is only $3!!

    Don't eat on the strip. For a GREAT meal and very resonably price.. Go to the Las Vegas Black Bear Diner at 6180 W Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89103

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  • plazamama

    You don't need a car or taxi once you get to your room. There is a bus coming to many different stops every 15 minutes. For $2 you can go to any casino you want to check out. you don't have to know street name, bus stops are casinos.

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  • splash4175

    All the amazing seafood buffets!

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  • rf4666

    I have always found Harrah's Hotel and Casino to be the nicest, friendliest, most convenient place to stay in Vegas.  The people are great.  The food is delicious.  Prices are reasonable.  And you can't go wrong with a little taste of Louisiana, no matter where you are.

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    Just entering :-)

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    I have only traveled in the states and they are so beautiful especially in the fall

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    Be true. Be you. Be kind. Be positive Smiley Happy

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    Stay off the strip for better rates but stll have access

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  • esrosie

    If you really want to see who the locals are get off the strip. Two restaurants to visit are both west of the strip: The Omelet House on West Charleston Blvd & Rancho, the biggest selection & best omelets ever (other items on menu great too) & best pumkin or banana nut bread. Jamms on Rainbow & W Charleston. And while you are in the area visit the Springs Preserve off of Valley View & 95, you will learn the history, wildlife, and desert life of the Las Vegas area. Great for families as it offers hands on exhibits. Just to let you know people really do live & work here. 

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  • kathiehoehn

    My parents lived in Las vegas, so when our daughter was small and we visited grandma and grandpa we needed to find age-appropriate activities for her. We loved the little natural history museum ... a lot of times we were the ONLY visitors. They have huge animatronic dinosaurs that were thrilling/scary, and a chance to "dig for dinosaur bones" which was a hit when my daughter went through her dinosaur phase. They had some live exhibits too (eels? or rays? something like that). All in all, it was a fun way to kill a few hours and my daughter always clamored to go back.

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    Love some open space to set up my scope and do some astrophotography!

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  • vbachor

    For a quieter stay, book an off strip condo, more room and ammenities as well as being less expensive. The places have shuttle buses to the strip but can get a plce close enough to walk.

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  • Bogdobbler

    Never stay in Las Vegas without getting as many comps as you can!  Most of the time, all you have to do is ask the management. 

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