• lucimiller

    Check out Red Rocks Amphitheater west of Denver.  Many concerts have been held there under the stars with fantastics views of downtown Denver.  Tip - bring a rain poncho just in case!

  • makennedyinaz

    One of the most interesting and educational experiences I've had in the past few years was a trip through the Clifford Stills Museum in downtown Denver. The entire museum is dedicated to the art of one man, Clifford Stills. He was an Abstract Expressionist painter, a contemporary of Mark Rothko. This museum offers the opportunity to see the change, growth, and development of an artist across the span of his life. There are also examples of his sketches and sculpture. Visiting this gem of a museum, near the Denver Art Museum, provides an understanding of a man who spent his life sharing his experience by teaching art students as opposed to selling his work. The vast majority of his collection was held by his estate at the time of his death and at his wish donated to a city willing to build a museum dedicated to only his work. Mr. Stills believed that to truly understand the work of an artist, one had to see and experience the breadth of work of a lifetime. Denver accepted this challenge, built the museum and enables us to experience a unique art experience. 

  • wellsstark

    This is a beautiful center (located in Boulder, CO) and the tours are free! It has a natural area with a paved walking path to commune with nature and the center indoors is a wealth of information. The tours are totally FREE and inviting.

  • vm9043

    The Molly Brown House in Denver Colorado. Unlike the home shown in the "Unsinkable Molly Brown" this is the real deal. It is a beautiful example of the architecture of the period and has been beautifully restored to its former glory. 

  • nb3767

    Best kept secret in Denver area. Go early or late in the day or while it isn't too hot. Saw more animals there than in Rocky Mountain National Park and without the elevation. Easy drive through on a loop. Close to Denver airport if you need to kill some time. Visitor center with small gift shop after 9 am but don't wait that late to look for animals. Go at sunrise.

  • dc63288123

    We are always looking for a unique out-of-the-way place to dine whenever we go back to Portland to visit and discovered this secret bar.  To enter Circa 33 whuch is hidden behind a bookshelf, you punch in a secret code - so mysterious!  Fun speakeasy atmosphere with delicious food and drinks!

  • ch70877230

    Make sure and go to the Molly Brown house to learn about this quirky lady.  While there you will learn a lot about the history of this amazing state.

  • Ben

    You can spend all day at the Denver Zoo.

  • JEdmund

    Denver is such a magnificient city.  It has such a cosmopolitan side with the Lodo area but having parks and hiking just an hour away makes this city a must see.  I love that you can shop at a mall and hike on the same day.  My hidden gem is Cheeseman Park which is near the zoo, Museum of National History and the Botanical Gardens. The park has great paths for walking and there are bike rentals nearby for $5.  You can see all this in one day.

  • lo9717

    this is the most awesome hiking, biking or walking trail in the US takes you through beautiful countryside and fun little towns ( Custer, Edgemont, Pringle, Hill City, Rochford, Deadwood) to name a few.  it is the best place to forget your troubles and soak in some of the best scenery and the most friendly people you will meet!

  • cc21693878

    Denver Botanic Gardens entertains and delights wisdom of the Gardens through outreach, collaboration and education. The conservation programs plays a major role in saving species and protecting natural habitats for future generations.

  • tm39795988

    When traveling in Denver, you must visit the Denver Zoo.  It is especially awesome in the winter at night when it is all lit up with Christmas lights! Animals are awesome and seeing them in the snow is awesome too.  The penguins were the show stealers!

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  • k652930l


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  • t651188l

    Be sure to visit blackhawk colorado just outside denver. Mini las vegas up past 5000 feet!

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  • charles999

    There's no one spot in the city, but there's a large Russian community here!  Great place to try the food.

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  • m204890s

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  • jakers520

    if you go just west of denver to central city you will find very nice casinos and some of the best buffets around

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  • jt83792831

    A throwback airport, Cenntenial Airport, that resides in Arapahoe County, just 70 miles south of downtown Denver.  It is a public facility and hosts several air shows during the year.  Flying in to this airport is breathe taking.  A must see...

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  • lt4420

    If you are looking for a beautiful place to visit you must go to Denver.  You have all the beautiful scenery

    that is simple amazing.  Additionally, you have a wonderful city with something for everyone.

    The restaurants are premier and the beer and wines are superb.

    If the city life is not you scene, you can head for the trails and view fantastic views on the trails.   A must for everyone. 

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  • dp285

    The Denver History Museum is fantastic!   Professional arranged, giving archeological evidence of many centuries, mellenia events.  You will appreciate your time here and will be thrilled with the arrangement of articles and research.  Enjoy!!

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  • py1598

    While in Atlanta, don't miss the CNN Center.  You will be able to make your very own news video!

    While in Boston, be sure to take a cruise to whalewatch.  Humpback whales galore!

    While in Chicago, take in a dinner and theater and listen to real jazz on Halstead.

    While in Denver, visit the Butterfly Museum.  Amazing!

    While in Las Vegas, get away to Sam's Town.  It's a break from all the LV craziness!

    While in New York, you must see the area where 9/11 happened.  It will stay with you.

    While in Portland, who knew they had a Japanese Garden?  Beautiful!

    While in San Francisco, you must travel down Lombard Street, the crookedest street in the U.S.

    While in Seattle, you must make a side trip to Victoria's Butchart Gardens.  You won't believe how beautiful!  You can even take home some on their homegrown delights!

    While in Washington, D.C., be sure to tour the FBI building, the theater where Lincoln was shot and the house in which he died which is located right across the street.


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  • da52

    While most tourists want to ski at Breckenridge, Copper Mountain, and Keystone, families should try Loveland!  We stopped on our way back to the airport since our flight didn't leave Denver until 9:00 p.m. and had a remarkable fun day.  The slopes weren't crowded at all and the staff was amazing.  What a great treat! 

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  • jm142

    Denver is called the Mile High City becuse it is  a mile from sea level (take a deep breath). It is also the state capital of CO.  It has a tech center, and Air Force Base, and excellent hospitals, both military and civilian. The city host prestitious educational institutions includuding Denver University and Regis Universtiy (with its several high school prep schools); the universities draw students from all these cities.

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  • sc6726

    Alright, I am supposed to write about Denver, CO but this place is near Denver, it is the Rocky Mountain National Park.  This place is MAGICAL!  It is so beautiful naturally that it makes your eyes tearful because you realize there is incredible beauty on this earth!  So, let's get out there and see what the world has to offer us in regard to nature and its beauty,  


    After going to Rocky Mountain National Park and the town of Ouray, CO I understood why the state is called the Rocky Mountain state (the mountains are also made up of plain beautiful impressible rocks).

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  • tidiehl

    Beau Jo's has the best pizza I have had anywhere.  It has a thick crust which tastes like fresh bread.  (Different thicknesses are available.)  They serve honey that you eat on the bread after finishing the rest of your pizza slices.  YUM!  They also have gluten free pizza.  There are several locations around Denver, in Idaho Springs, Ft. Collins, & Steamboat Springs.

    The Aurora Summit Restaurant has amazing steak and a few great seafood items.  This is definitely the best fillet in town - in a quiet romantic setting.  They also have a great bar where there is often live music - like piano players.  


    Tequileno's is the best mexican food in a town that has a mexican restaurant on almost every corner.  They have a huge menu with many different choices besides the standard tacos & burritos.  My favorite is seafood & pineapple chunks served in a carved out 1/2 of a pineapple.  Their food platters are huge!  There are usually coupons on the back of the King Soopers grocery receipts.  There are 3 different locations around town. They used to be called Tequilas - as they have many different kinds of tequila.  


    Bonefish Grill has great seafood with many fresh choices.  My favorite is the Bang Bang Shrimp appetizer.  It is shrimp in a sweet and spicey sauce - but not too spicey!  


    I am not affilated with any of these restaurants.  I just wanted to share my favorite places with you.  


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  • golms

    Visit the Forney for old cars, motorcycles, and a great train.  In addition to its permanent exhibit, it has rotating exhibits -- Corvettes to Cadillacs.

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  • LaDoris

    Greatest interactive museum! Learn about Colorado's geography, history, and people. There is no better introduction to the Centennial State. Have fun.

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  • d915310s

    denver colorado has the hottest night clubs where you can dance your butt off.

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  • forsberg39

    Some of the best mountain biking in the state of Colorado is in Fruita!

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  • tabaise

    The Black Canyon at Gunnison is outstanding.

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