• swhitaker99

    If you are visiting Austin, a visit to the Oasis Restaurant at Lake Travis is a must see and do!  The food is outstanding, but the real star of the show is the view of beautiful Lake Travis at sunset. Have a margarita on the porch and feel like a real Texan!!

  • jf2204864

    This is a great family place. 

  • w882232s

    First went there on a school field trip in 1964. Kids will love it!!!  Has a German U-Boat and a working coal mine. Near the UofI Circle Campus. secure parking. Make a good summer family outing

  • TWC

    ALL of Chicago's museums are amazing.

  • j685955n

    I came for points

  • mk5647

    I love great sushi and negiri. Found Kai Zan by Humboldt Park on the West side. Fantastic.

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  • nm720

    A real gem on the beautiful Lake Michigan waterfront, be sure to visit the Adler Planetarium.

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  • jo69177060

    Museum of Science and Industry 

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  • barnloft

    I live in the wilds of western WIsconsin but have an AMTRAK station 8 miles from my door.  It's so fun to hop aboard the AMTRAK to Chicago.  There I get a locker for my belongings, and then hop a cab to my favorite sights, the Art Institute, Navy Pier, and a good grocer.  Here I can find many foods that aren't available in my neck of the woods, and the small cooler I have in the storage locker comes in handy!

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    in Glencoe

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  • fnkwilson

    Become an expert at packing a carry-on for several days to eliminate checking bags!

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  • cs9696

    Great place to visit and see fine art! Setting is easily accessible and close to Grant park on the lakefront!

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  • thepegster

    Chicago has it all:  museums, music and fabulous restaurants.  And, the shopping!!

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  • a212182p

    the best place to get an authentic Mexican cuisine experience is to stop in to Cinco de Mayo in Rockford mi.

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  • m389652n

    when traveling to India, so not drink open water.  Be sure to drink bottled only. Too many local parasites will ruin your vacation.

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  • peewee1263

    Chicago is great! Has everything you could ever want. Food, museums, attractions of all kinds.

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  • mimsel

    ...and you should get them too!  Be sure to check out Chicago blues music!

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  • b391375s

    Ive never been to chicago, I have family there. I would love to visit but I am from a small town and the thought of going to such a big city kind of scares me

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  • s286325v



    If you ever get the chance to see Chicago, make sure to take time to find a "Chicago Architectural Boat Tour".


    You get on a big boat and travel up and down the chicago river while getting great details about the beautiful buildings that tower over the city.


    It is an incredible way to spend a nice after noon and the tours start down at Navy Pier; which also is close to many other fun things to see

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  • dg88558165

    Wonderful museum along the lakefront.  The butterfly room is the best.  

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  • frankkras4

    The Bean is a really neat place to visit in Chicago

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  • r293917w

    if you wanna visit he'll go to Chicago!

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  • bjohnston

    The Navy Pier is:

    Great family place: many restaurants, shops, entertainment for the whole family...beautiful views, attractive place.

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  • sally601

    This is a beautiful park area with a small zoo area, great walking paths, and a a geat place to enjoy being outdoors.  It s located next to a neighborhood, worth looking for.  

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  • richardgregory

    At one time the best Zoo in America, still very good. A great place to visit


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  • py1598

    While in Atlanta, don't miss the CNN Center.  You will be able to make your very own news video!

    While in Boston, be sure to take a cruise to whalewatch.  Humpback whales galore!

    While in Chicago, take in a dinner and theater and listen to real jazz on Halstead.

    While in Denver, visit the Butterfly Museum.  Amazing!

    While in Las Vegas, get away to Sam's Town.  It's a break from all the LV craziness!

    While in New York, you must see the area where 9/11 happened.  It will stay with you.

    While in Portland, who knew they had a Japanese Garden?  Beautiful!

    While in San Francisco, you must travel down Lombard Street, the crookedest street in the U.S.

    While in Seattle, you must make a side trip to Victoria's Butchart Gardens.  You won't believe how beautiful!  You can even take home some on their homegrown delights!

    While in Washington, D.C., be sure to tour the FBI building, the theater where Lincoln was shot and the house in which he died which is located right across the street.


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  • FrankM47

    The observation deck at the top of the Wills Tower with the clear, see through floor is quite the experience and is rather unsettling to step out on the see through floor that high up, but is a great experience.  This is definately one of the things you need to do while in Chicago.  if nothing else, at least go up to the observation deck for the great view of Chicago.

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  • schackmanns

    The Illinois Railway Museum is America's Largest Railway Museum and is open all year round with special events.  It has something for all ages including train rides for oldsters and special visits like Thomas the Tank Engine and Percy for the youngsters.  I has one of the original Union Pacific Turbine Electric Engines on site.  You can make a day of it as they have a restaurant on the grounds in a convenient location and a gift shop.  Visit the depot or see the many Trolley, Steam/Diesel engines, Passenger cars or Electric cars on site.  It has an excellent web site at www.IRM.com that is very descriptive and complete. Also a phone number of (815) 923-4000 if you need to call.  If the kids or grand kids have never been on a train or seen a train up close, this is were to take them.  For the oldsters it brings back many memories.

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  • bruill

    Located in Wilmette, a suburb of Chicago, the Baha'i Temple imparts a feeling of serenity and beauty.  It is a welcome contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city.

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  • jimhageman

    Manny's a great Deli, all the smells, good service, and the food is great.  1141 S Jefferson St, Chicago, IL.  Surpised it is not in the Guide Michelin.




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