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    Ride to the top of the Prudential Center on a clear day for stunning views of Boston.

  • ekmc

    Boston is the cradle of liberty - history abounds here and there is so much to see and do.... but walking the city can wear you out.  My best tip -- the  Trolley Tours -- they let you hop on and off all day long with 19 stops including Fenway Park, the Boston Tea party ships,  Boston Commons, the old State House, Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market--And More.  See it all without burning shoe leather.  Unlimited on and off, no time schedule but your own.   Enjoy Boston!  



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  • melonia

    I wanted to see Boston but found all the hotels very expensive or maybe I just picked the wrong time of year.  There seems to be a lot of tjongs to do and see.  I will need to try at some other time.

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    We are always looking for a unique out-of-the-way place to dine whenever we go back to Portland to visit and discovered this secret bar.  To enter Circa 33 whuch is hidden behind a bookshelf, you punch in a secret code - so mysterious!  Fun speakeasy atmosphere with delicious food and drinks!

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  • alisonhawkes

    Visit the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum and have lunch.  Learn about the robbery that has never been solved!

  • dd7597

    Take a walk in the commons

  • indian9

    A shrine for baseball afficienados, where Babe Ruth started his career, home field of Cy Young, Ted Williams, Carl Yazstremski, Pedro Martinez, Big Pappi and so many more. It is a destination for anyone who loves baseball and its rich history.

  • dbulpett

    The Boston Marathon on Patriot's Day, Fenway Park, Newbury St, Boylston St, restaurants in the North End, Freedom Trail, Boston Tea Party ships and museum, Boston Common, Beacon Hill, Museum of Science, Charles River Esplande, Quincy Market, Faneuil Hall.

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    Find the hidden, road-side inn where they make the most delicious pop-over muffins you will ever taste!

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    A great souvenir to bring back to family & friends are dry beans with a Boston postcard that includes a recipe for Boston Baked beans. 

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  • tampasue

    Visit Mike's Pastry in Boston's North End...you won't be disappointed!

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    Montigo Bay Jamicia. Beautiful scenery calm warm waters and delicious foods

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    We went to a RedSox Game, take the Trolley tour and stop by Cheers.

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    Brattleboro vermonts brick oven pizza on putney road delicous

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    Everyone knows that Boston is the heart of early American history. You can travel some of our country's most precious national treasures for free by walking the Freedom Trail. It goes from place to place (some sites, like Paul Revere's house require paid entry), pulling you into our past. It's a must for anyone visiting the capital of Massachusetts!

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    Leave extra time so you can enjoy the whole trip. Not  just the the destination 

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         I think Maine is one of the best, most beautiful and peaceful vacation spots that is little advertised. There are many beautiful beaches, wells, ogunquit, old orchard beach (which puts on a fireworks display every Thursday all summer) york and perkins cove. Tons of outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and much more. Gorgeous peaceful land and the ppl are amazing. You won't find better ppl anywhere in the US! And only an hour drive from Boston or an hour and a half train ride.

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    Absolutely beautiful ocean front destination. A stunning collection of old lighthouses set on the rocks in the Atlantic. I have never been anywhere that is more stunningly beautiful and historic.

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  • tonibelle

    You get a guided tour, by someone dressed in clothing from the era, and learn all about the history of American freedom inn Boston - or buy a guide book around Tremont St and read about them on your own,  just follow the Red LIne.  Be ready to walk so wear comfortable shoes Smiley Happy

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    Relax and enjoy your time away and don't worry about what is going on at home.

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    I want to win money

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    Maine is the best vacation spot. It has everything you could want.

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    Love that bbq

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    I don't understand?

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  • olympicgirl

    I'm not a library geek, but I made a point of visiting the Boston Public Library in Copely Square because my grandmother told me that her grandfather worked there when he first came to America.  I was in awe of the murals and the architecture.  It is truly a work of art in itself - a "palace for the people".  They offer free tours which I highly recommend.

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  • sillysec

    While it is now a chain restaurant, Legal Seafood was founded in the Cambridge area of Boston.  We always eat at Legal Seafood when in Massachusetts.  The food is always great!

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