• swhitaker99

    If you are visiting Austin, a visit to the Oasis Restaurant at Lake Travis is a must see and do!  The food is outstanding, but the real star of the show is the view of beautiful Lake Travis at sunset. Have a margarita on the porch and feel like a real Texan!!

  • hound51

    This is not an ordinary zoo, but rather, a sanctuary for abandoned, former laboratory, hard luck, and zoo surplus exotic animals. Nestled on the edge of the hill country, the zoo features more of an open, ranch style setting, with well-cared for animals including tigers, bears, monkeys, and lions, along with educational programs. Kids will enjoy the train, on which you can see areas and animals that are otherwise unreachable at the zoo. This is an entirely non-profit facility--they receive zero funding from the city.

  • oliviatapia123

    Traveling to Austin, TX is so much fun.  One of my favorite places to visit is Whole Foods Flagship Store.  It's the first Whole Foods ever.  They have everything and loads of samples.  So much fun!

  • cchrane

    Don't miss visiting The Texas Capitol.  It is rich in history, architecture, museum artifacts and art.  The Capitol grounds are lovely. The main structure is made of Sunset Red granite.

  • l36833c

    I would like to visit my favorite place to see the beauty of the nature.

  • southerngirl4
    Ditch the car (save rental fees for a day or more and gas $) and cycle around AUSTIN! You can see soooo much more, avoid traffic situations, ride around with the locals, have conversation because you aren't in a vehicle, and stop when and where you want.  It creates SO much more of a greater experience up close!
  • bh6861

    The Salt Lick BBQ south of Austin is the best BBQ in Texas.

  • Congratulations to our three lucky winners!


    1st place: http://community.aarp.org/t5/Reveal-Your-Travel-Secrets/Under-the-Gate/cns-p/1754490: “One of our favorite places in S.F. is the parking lot at Fort Point, beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. Watch the boats, sailboarders, fishermen - or just enjoy the waves and views. We grab a cookie and some bread at Boudin's, then sit in the car and enjoy a bit of the city you won't find anywhere else.”


    2nd place: http://community.aarp.org/t5/Reveal-Your-Travel-Secrets/Amazing-bats/cns-p/1749055: “There is a bridge in Austin that is home to more than 1.5 million bats. Every night at dusk they fly off to feed. They eat a lot of mosquitoes - several times their body weight - and other flying bugs. You sit on the hillside and watch the sun go down and the bats come out. Starts with a few here and there and before long the sky is black with them. There are volunteers on hand who provide information , both printed and oral. They love to talk about this unusual experience. It is an indelible memory I have of Austin.”


    3rd place: (http://community.aarp.org/t5/Reveal-Your-Travel-Secrets/Peace-and-Tranquility/cns-p/1755444):  “I used to live in Portland near this hidden treasure. The Grotto in Portland off of Sandy Blvd.  is unique in that it is like stepping back in time within a busy, bustling city to find peace, beauty and tranquility. It is near a hill/mountain within the city which makes it unique in that you can hike the mountain (or drive) and even take the elevator down to street level along the rock wall if you don't wish to walk or drive back down. But parking at street level and just walking among the old growth to the pastoral rock wall and pews to meditate or just 'enjoy the quiet'. You can walk on the trails to various statue placed religious items enjoy the gift shop............all non-denominational. A wonderful place to breathe, get centered and gather the calm!”

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  • cw19ez

    Visit Barton Springs just South of Lady Bird Lake near downtown.

    This natural spring swimming pool stays 68F yearround.  This is where

    locals go to keep cool in the Summer.

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  • dqrs9881

    Come to Bay City, Texas. Go to Matagorda Bay then out to the Gulf of Mexico!

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  • m417032c

    Go down to Austin, Texas and visit Cattleman's Steakhouse.  This will be the best steak you will ever eat in your life! Huge steak, baked taters, salad, bread, banana pudding and sweet tea! 

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  • w146060d


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  • mobrad

    When in Austin, TX, be sure to catch a live show at the Moody Theater.

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  • j904097v

    I was on a plane on the way to Cancun mexico.When I got there,I enjoyed the best drinks ever and fell asleep in someone else's room.

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  • z698517j

    Its best to travel light and with friends

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  • r773784c

    The old barn in da country

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  • kath999

    It's hard to see everything in Austin, but take the time to see the bats at dusk, it really is phenomenol!!

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  • a954295f

    I am 56 years old with 2 grandchildren who would  live to go to coloradoo

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  • c611003w

    We want to visit friends of ours who are military stationed in Texas we love them to death and miss them very much

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  • k705480j


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  • r311946n

    Not only did we travel to Hawaii (Oahu/Honolulu), we we're lucky enough to live there. My daughter was born at Tripler Army Hospital in 1981 and we stayed for 2 years after that. Inwill never forget the untamed, majestic beauty of every island. One side may have been a tropical rainforest, and the other side farm lands. The vast difference in environment is nearly incomparable to anything else that I've seen. 

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  • ppear1

    Beautiful city, lovely people. Enjoy lots of country music at many establishments, & just kick back in general. Good shopping, great food & don't forget to tour the Capital.

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  • gw22992046

    A visit to the LBJ Library is a must when in Austin, Texas. I came away with an entirely new appreciation for the man whom I had previously thought was one of the worst Presidents in history.

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  • t57856b

    win trip

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  • d251344d

    Don't drink the water in Mexico unless you are fine with having your trip ruined. 

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  • jr71789222

    If you find yourself in Austin, Texas, take the time to see Hamilton Pool.  It's a great natural spot.  It's a swimming grotto with clear and cool waters. 

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  • n188152r

    Talk about a "hole in the wall" ... this little place (in structure) is huge in ambiance & flavor. Can't miss it ... right off IH-35 on the way into Austin (from San Marcus/San Antonio ... what's that? Heading north). 


    The best B-B-Q ever! You pick whethter you want a sandwich or a plate! They have all the extras (sides) you would want. But, the B-B-Q is to die for!


    So, next time you're in the neighborhood ... look for it! You won't be dissapointed! Happy traveling!

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  • thor00

     Franklin  bbq on Austin east side is some of the best bbq in the country. Better get up early if you want some. It usually sell out before 1pm.

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  • jm2284

    A great place to visit and live!  My son will be going to school here and we can't wait to visit.

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  • ss12641737

    Ironworks near downtown Austin has the best Barbeque I've ever had, and the prices are very reasonable. Check it out.

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