When we plan a trip to a major destination I always check smart destinations.com for their discount admissions card.  This trip was no different.  We had a short stay, less than 48 hours and we wanted to make the most of it.  We did the Hop on Hop Off bus during the day to see all the monuments and to listen to the historical comments from the bus guide.  This reminded us of our long forgotten high school US History class and helped us to understand some of our Nation's history.  We did one loop of the bus tour and then got out on the second go-round to visit the monuments and walk around exploring.  


I had had all ready read about Arlington Cemetery and the hints of where to stand during the changing of the guard. Very moving experience.  Be sure to visit the websites of your must see places to pick up on other tourists pointers before you get there.  You will be amazed at how much better a trip can be.


Then, don't forget to go back and visit the monuments at night.  We did a night bus tour of the monuments with a different guide with different perspective.


My favorite monument, by day and night, was the Korean War Memorial.  So eerie at night when it is dark and quiet that you feel like you should be looking over your shoulder.


Korean War MemorialKorean War Memorial

Though the monuments are free to enjoy, all of the tours on the bus were included with the Go Card from smart destinations.  This day is not for the travel weary.  Even with the bus tours we walked 30,000 steps putting ourselves to bed at 11pm.  Need to go back!

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