Before selecting a cruise itinerary that includes stops in India be sure and check what is the cost and involvement in getting a visa to visit from a cruise ship.  The cruise ship visa is different that the simple (eTV) visa.  It is much harder to complete and cost much more. But you must have a visa even if you stay on the ship. 

First of all, it is very hard to get a straight answer on the cost. You will be required to go through a visa service to obtain it.  The service will have various fees that they will tack on above the basic charge.  It is estimated that my wife and I will spend almost $500.00 dollars for just a few days tourism visit .


 The information requested on the visa application extensive quite invasive. There is the threat of visa denial if the slightest mistake is made.  We have obtained at least 6 visas in the past and have never encountered such an unfriendly and incompetent system.


I would recomend not visiting India by cruise unless you are absolutely convinced it is worth the trouble.     

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