One of the best places to visit when in the Tampa bay area is the Replay Amusement Museum at 119 Tarpon Avenue in Tarpon Springs. You pay one fee, get a wristband and then the fun begins. Not only are there classic and vintage pinball machines, there are classic video games. My husband and I went on a Friday evening and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit. Beyond the pinball choices there were classic video games like Frogger, Toobin, Paperboy and Ms. Pac-Man. Before we knew it we had been there for over two hours - never dropping a quarter! There are stools you can sit on at machines, if you can't stand long periods of time. I was impressed by the age range too. Dads with their kids, seniors like us, and 20-somethings too. It was nice to see the young people playing pinball. It is not a lost art. So, if you miss the days of pinball and even the days you took your own kids to arcades this will bring back some great memories. It's good, clean, fun!

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