I have been to Seattle Washington.  My trip was amazing. When you first arrive the smell of coffee is in the air, and I must say there is a Star Bucks on every corner.The view is amazing every where to be beside the ocean ,although while I was ther I was informed this is the Pugent Sound not the ocean, you can dine right beside the water at the pier . You have musicians out on sidewalks just an  exciting atmosphere.  Seattle has what they call the Duck tour . This is a ninety minute tour that  consist of a vehicle that manuevers in the water and on the land. They have a driver who entertains the guest as he tells about the history of Seattle, this was very informative yet very entertaining. We started out on land  and then in the ocean. We went to the fish market and they have huge fish on display. People who work will trhow the fish out for the public to catch it was fun to watch, I personally didnt catch a fish but alot of people enjoyed the show. Then they have the space needle at the bottom of the space needle is a little mall that has all kind of resatraunts inside. This was definately a trip worth taking. Love the view a drive along the highway was absolutely breathtaking.

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