The US Mint in Denver, CO is a very exciting & interesting place to visit. Many people even say, "Must do it once. You'll never forget it."

   The mint is one of the places where US coins are stamped & cut. Anytime a coin is changed, an artist draws the concept out. But, then the dies in the machines have to be carved to be able to stamp & cut many identical coins ( they can't vary even in minute ways). There even is exact amt of grooves in edges of quarters & dimes.

    During the tour, you'll be told of the history of the Denver Mint. It's been part of the US government, stamping & cutting coins since1906. TheDenver Mint continues to produce coins (with D imprint) for circulation & also proof sets & commemorative coins. 

     You can buy coins in the gift shop. But, NO free samples of coins or the scrap metal left over.

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