Most people who come to Portland drive along Interstate 84 to see Multnomah Falls. But if you exit Hwy 84 right by the Columbia Gorge Outlets and take the Old Road (Historic Columbia River Highway), you'll drive along the Sandy River for a bit, then climb and descend the old road as it passes multiple waterfalls, hiking trails, gorgeous vistas of the Columbia River across to Washington State, and best of all, you can stop and walk around the 1918 Vista House observatory. It's NOT accessible from Interstate 84. If you go all the way to Mt. Hood, you can even visit llama farms and pear orchards, among other sights that are listed on homemade, local roadside signs.

Both the old road and Interstate 84 get you to Multnomah Falls, but the old road is far more scenic, with lots to see and do.

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