For a guaranteed-fun and fast night out, The Harp is a great go-to, whether you live in the city or are coming into Boston for the night! Located immediately across from Boston's North Station and TD Garden, this is the best spot for a drink before a game or concert at the Garden, or even after while waiting for your train to head home. On weekend nights, you'll be sure to find live bands AND great DJs, both upstairs and downstairs in the lower level. In addition to the upper level where you can expect a lively dancefloor and crowded bar (with plenty of TV screens), just a few steps down is a smaller, more tame area at street level. All three levels have their own bar, so lines aren't typically an issue here! One thing to be prepared for is crowded bathrooms and lines out the door on busy weekend nights. As a bonus, The Harp is surrounded by some of the top bars, restaurants, clubs and focal points of the city, so it's hard to get lost when bouncing around. Cabs are never in short supply in the area, and with so many events at the Garden each night, you won't find much crime in this busy area, if any at all. The Harp always has great service, and while the line can get long, there is plenty to do in the area if you want to wait for it to die down! Enjoy!

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