Head to the Colman Docks in downtown Seattle and get on the Bremerton ferry! If you're staying downtown or can take a train or a bus from elsewhere, walking on is ideal. There is a bus stop right at the passenger terminal and train stops about two blocks away.  Buy your ferry ticket at the terminal or use an Orca card if you have one for your visit.  Cars, motorcycles and bikes can also go on the ferry - it's just that you'll have to wait in line, so check the WSDOT website for best travel times to ensure you can get right on. 


It's a 50 minute ride with gorgeous views, even when the weather is less than perfect. Bring a picnic (if you forgot to get one, there are takeout places in the terminal) and sit at one of the many tables on board, or go up to the galley for a snack and beverage - beer and wine are available. In Bremerton, there are many walkable places to eat and drink. For best views, hit Anthony's, right at the ferry landing, which also features a pretty marina. For a huge selection of beers, hit Toro Lounge, a couple of blocks away. There are also ice cream shops, coffee shops, etc., a Navy museum and a decommissioned destroyer you can visit.  


When you're ready to head home, if it's sunset or later, be sure to watch the approach from the front of the ferry. The Seattle skyline and giant Ferris wheel are spectacular at night. If you have kids along - or romantic notions - it might be a great time to walk right next door and take a ride on that Great Wheel! 

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