A must see if you a NYC native, or visiting.  This was truly the most moving, private museum I've had the priviledge to visit.  I must say, when we first arrived (by appointment only!), I was taken aback.  The size alone made me wonder if I should have just visited the museum located adjacent to Ground Zero.  This was... different.  It felt as though we stepped into a studio apartment.  We were given earphones and listened to a short, but powerful, presentation.  We were then allowed to wander freely to view the artifacts.  There were incredible, unique photographs ... as well as items taken from Ground Zero.  I thought I had heard or seen most everything available to the general public.  I was mistaken.  While painful, it was inspiring.  I left feeling even more proud of my American heritage, with an even deeper appreciation for first responders.  This museum was started by the official photographer to Ground Zero - the only person allowed unlimited access.  His incredible respect for the first responders was evident.   Please, do not miss this incredible gem near the end of the High Line in NYC.  groundzeromuseumworkshop.org

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