Upon entering the newly transformed MSG in New York City you find yourself stepping into a 21st century monolith, called Chase Square,  complete with ceilings that soar, stairs in motion and high tech glamour secured in miles of glossy chrome. Security guards announce the presence of safety while softening their necessity by donning Secret Service style dark suits in lieu of stark uniforms complete with exposed holstered guns.

Your attention is immediately drawn above to a blaring continually looping video of highlighted moments in Garden history … preparing you for your guided tour. The tour is a historic walking journey throughout the venue including the actual arena, high end suites, private clubs and locker rooms. A taste of the good life!

Greeted by knowledgeable and friendly tour guides you will be astonished by the vast and varied number of historic events that occurred within all 4 physical structures of this storied venue. 

Your adventure begins by going back to the beginning in which you are reminded that the original MSG was actually started by no other than Mr. Circus himself … PT Barnum.   Blessed with a talent for making money and knowing what people like, it did not take long for no other than the man about town, Cornelius Vanderbilt, to see the venue’s promise for the future and purchase this moneymaker for himself. Renaming what was then called Barnum’s Hippodrome to the now universally known MSG he restructured this gem to include an amphitheater and restaurant, successfully enticing not only the everyday Joe, but the super-elite as well.

Upon being guided into the 20,000+ capacity venue you will undoubtedly experience the sense of being overwhelmed that surely even the most experienced performer, must feel upon entering the arena and having all eyes on them. Awesome! It is explained, and demonstrated, that MSG possess’ the world most incredible acoustics making every seat an excellent choice!

 Just as you relax and you enter your own personal fantasy of being the next Celine Dion or Patrick Ewing you are guided to an oh-so tasteful suite to enjoy being an ultimate fan. Soft lighting, full bar, private restroom vanquishes all visions of waiting in long beer lines or sharing restrooms with the masses!

Your journey glides you past countless photographs, each with their own explanation and story to keep you fascinated and wanting more! From Patrick Ewing’s days as a White House intern to John Lennon’s surprise performance during an Elton John concert! All part of the MSG experience.

A stop into the Ranger, Knick and Liberty locker rooms (minus any lingering aroma) will demonstrate how well treated these talented individuals are! You will also have access to the Delta 360 Club, a private members only club available through many venues should you choose.  Proving you can still possibly enjoy hobnobbing with the Big Boys!! J

Access to the Delta 360 club is only surpassed by a quick stop in the 1879 Club, available to only 100 invited guests. A much more difficult ticket to secure, but hey! Anythings possible – yes!  Sheer elegance.

What will undoubtedly stand out to even the most critical visitor is how well the venue, from suites to locker rooms to public restrooms are meticulously maintained. The expansive miles of floor tiles are spotless, chrome shines and all residue from the prior evenings event dissipated! This is truly an indication of how well loved MSG is, especially by its army of maintenance workers


Your journey will end back in Chase Square and the MSG gift shop. You can purchase items from a tee shirt to a signed photo from John Starks of his phenomenal “The Dunk”.


You will undoubtedly depart MSG with no need for a souvenir to remember your stay… but will probably check out ticket availability or a tee shirt just to have a piece of its glorious history!


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