I think the best way to kick off a Las Vegas vacation is to fly into the airport at night.  You will see the Strip all lit up, there's a unique energy to observing your descent into the airport as the lights pulsate and twinkle. It's a terrific way to jumpstart your vacation.   That's my first tip.


 My second tip is to approach Las Vegas as you would a buffet:  do the things you think you'd like to experience the most, but also try something out of your comfort zone....sort of like trying a dish at a banquet that is foreign to you.  


My third tip is to utilize the Tix4Tonight kiosks located around the Strip for discounted show tickets, sometimes very discounted.  http://www.tix4tonight.com/locations/


Las Vegas is truly amazing, and my final bit of knowledge I'd like to pass on is that when you are on the Strip, things may look waaayyyy closer than they are.  It takes a long time to get anywhere walking on the Strip, between the masses of people, the traffic, and the traffic lights.  Don't overdo it, especially in hot weather.

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