Vacations are about high excitement and doing something you've never done.  There's a small 500-seat theater in a cuisine and cultural neighborhood that offers exquisite top echelon performances in modern dance.  In mediocre venues, the art form can be experimental drudgery and sophomoric, as I can say from experience.  But the Joyce Theater always dazzles its audience 

without fail with inventive and daring shows from the most prominent ultra choreographers, like Eliot Feld, Pilobolus, Martha Graham, Bill T.Jones/Arthur Zane, and Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo.  A dramatic example was a strobe light segment in a darkened theater where each flash of light was precisely coordinated with a balletic dancer as he leapt into the air with repeated grand jete splits as he moved around the stage, so he appeared to be always in the air flying while circling the stage!

       Eliot Feld pairs his dancers with classical music, Irish jigs, and modern music, and uses their bodies like claymation figures in difficult but beguiling positions.  Pilobus has dancer/acrobats rolling about the stage spread-eagled in huge hula hoop circles, where their fingers could get crushed if they tilted with their hands too close to the floor.

      The theater offers about 40 box seats where you have individual seats you can move to your preference.  Intermissions offer champagne. dainties, chocolates, coffees, and some performers also partaking. It is an intimate, sumptuous, low-priced, theater that should thrill you with a dash of consumate culture. It is an Art Deco building at the corner of 19th Street and 8th Avenue, with charismatic restaurants on the same block and across the street.

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