Between the metropolises of Washington and Baltimore, lies the quaint town of Glen Burnie, MD where they serve up the BEST ice cream & sandwiches your palate could ever stab into at Ann's Dari Creme! But you can't eat inside, NOOO...there's no room. You have to take your fare outside! Been longing to experience the best chili dog this side of heaven? It's right here at Ann's--Over-Generous sized and dripping chunky flavor! Hit that up with a side of fries, slaw or one of the many other daily picks from their huge variety--aw,'ll spend your vacation right there tableside. You want ice cream variety? They're a creamery! And the flavors, consistency and gosh, darn goodnes is OUTSTANDING!!!. Highly rated, Ann's the best kept secret for flavor and fun the Washington, DC area has!

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