I was 12 - 13 when my cousin & I went DC, So many choices..so much History. At the time you could "walk up the steps to the top of the monuement"...and we did! It is a memory I treasure; one I will never forget! When relating this adventure to my children & more recently, my grandchildren, watching their faces was truly fun. They were awed & surprised their Grammy had done this. I'm thrilled we did so then as you can no longer 'hike the stairs'.


There are many other places in DC you don't want to miss. Two of my favorites: the Lincoln Memorial & the Vietnam Memorial Wall. Both places - I knew I had entered 'something special'. The Vietnam Memorial left me feeling a huge sense of gratitude for those that lost their lives. Simply stepping onto the area gave me a feeling of pece/calm. The feelings surprised & pleased me.


Thank you to all Veterans that fought to make America safe. Thank you to all forefthers that worked to make America great.

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