In Denver try White Fence Farm on West Jewell. There's something for everyone in the family and the best fried chicken you'll find. But leave room for one of their homemade desserts too.


In San Francisco find the Fortune Cookie factory on Ross Alley in Chinatown. It's a tiny building but you'll get to see how the fortune gets inside the cookie. 


In Seattle find a HomeGrown (they have multiple locations now). They serve locally sourced, sustainable sandwhiches. If you try the original site in the Fremont district, get directions to see the troll under the bridge.  OR, take the I-90 across to Mercer Island and try the mac and cheese at Bennetts. Their homemade soups are delicious too!


If you've got your grandkids with you in Las Vegas, get off the beaten path and visit the Discovery Children's Museum on Promenade. It's three stories loaded with hands on activities, as well as seats for grandparents to re-charge while still keeping on eye on the little ones.


In New York, you can often get great seats for a show by stopping by the ticket window a couple of hours before a show. Even during opening week, there can be unsold seats in good locations.



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