Seattle has all sorts of great places to visit and experience, but you don't have to stay in the city to have a great time! Rent a car and travel to over to the East side to Bellevue for great eating at Little Garden, the best Asian food you will ever have! Come hungery, the portions at larger and the price is low! From there drive over and stroll off that lovely meal at Bellevue Gardens, with acres of beautiful plants  and trees and including an Japanese garden area that is breath taking. Or if high end shopping is your thing head over to Bellvue Square for a shopping dream come true! Many great restaurants to choose from including my favorite, Maggiano's Little Italy. This place will put you in a food coma!!

Next head out further East to Issaquah to see a live show at the Village Theater on old Main Street. They produce Broadway style entertainment at a fraction of the cost. If you are hungery there are many fine restaurants to choose from within waliking distance, my favorite is Stan's Bar-B-Q! While in Issaquah , don't miss the Boehm's Chocolate Factory Tours and candy shop and then there is Gilman Village for one of a kind shopping set in turn of the century shops and stores. Great fun for just window shopping and relaxing.

If you are upto a little hike, head up the freeway to Snoqualmie Falls, a 200 foot fall that isone of the most popular attraction in the area. There is free parking and is wheelchair accessible. Also visit the Snoqualmie Lodge and gift shop.

Now if you still have any wind in your sails, drive to Snoqualmie Casino for some fun gambling and try their all you eat buffet!! You might even want to spend the night at one of their fabulous rooms.

These are only a few of the hidden gems around Seattle when you come to visit. We have it all here, wineries, train trips, boating, major Dam tours, miles of beautiful scenery and even a German themed tourist town called Levenworth that is a must see. The list is endless!! Come see us soon!

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I couldn't agree more. My daughter moved to Seattle (actually West Sea) a few years ago. I have flown out there from ORD (O'Hare/Chicago) 3 or 4 times. Loved every trip! But man o man it is sooo expensive! I was stunned by the million dollar homes in Queen Ann area, even a 3 bedroom "rambler" in Renton is at least $400,000. Still, I wish I could relocate from the midwest. Don't let anyone fool ya--it rains more in Indy per year than Seattle. Weird it rains but no thunder, misty during the winter otherwise...sunny. The homes have no AC. Lots and lots of windows.  I Love Seatac!

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