Not far from the main roads through Denver and just four blocks from Washington Park is a quaint shopping and dining area about two blocks long called Old South Gaylord. Many Denver residents walk in from their homes to grab a sandwich, dinner, or have a drink. Gaylord Street is home to Devil's Food, which is known for its brunch dishes, but serves comfort food all day long. Max Gill & Grill has a raw bar and Homegrown Tap & Dough has great pizza. You can get a burger at Reiver's Bar & Grill and legendary ice cream just a few blocks up and over at Bonnie Brae's on S. University Blvd. They still make their own ice cream in house which is a real treat. Even if you're not hungry, Old South Gaylord is a destination in itself. Go at night to experience the full effect of this 'Fairytale Street.'

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