Did you know that even elephants retire to the sunshine state? Have you ever wanted to meet an elephant up close and personal? Less than 2 hours drive from Tampa is a place called Two Tails Ranch. There you can meet, feed, ride, and learn about these wonderful creatures. You can even watch as one of the elephants paints a picture. Private tours are by appointment only and given every day except Thursday. The cost is very low considering you will learn and interact with the elephants like nowhere else. This outing creates wonderful memories that will last a lifetime for you and your family. Other guests at the ranch include Grant Zebras, African Spurthighed Tortoises, Red Foot Tortoises, Ostrich, Emu and Lemurs. The Two Tails Ranch website at www.allaboutelephants.com tells the story of how this one of a kind, privately owned facility was founded and has all the information you will need to plan a visit. 

Two Tails Ranch is located at 

18655 NE 81st Street

Williston, FL 32696


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