I have lived in the NW suburbs of Chicago all of my life and I am always amazed at the architectural treasures I constantly discover when I am downtown or in one of the neighborhoods nearby. Whenever I photograph architecture, I focus on the details and history of the building.  The story is just as important as the subject you are photographing.  My mission statement which fuels my passion for photographing the parts of a building we tend to rush pass because of our busy lives or because we are glued to our smart phones is: "Beauty Is In The Details."  

While there are thousands of such artifacts and architectural details waiting to be found everyday in Chicago, one of the best times to travel here is in October when the Chicago Architectural Foundation organizes open houses in many historic buildings throughout Chicago.  This once a year event allows the public to see areas of buildings normally closed to the public.  One such place is the lower level of the Chicago Board of Trade building.  There you can see and photograph the gorgeous bank vault once used.  It is magnificent in its beauty and intricacy.  I am including an image of the vault's lock as well as other images of the building's interior.

If you decide to visit during October, please remember we aren't called the "Windy City" for nothing. It can get very windy and very cold, especially if you are used to warmer weather.  Wear comfortable shoes because you will be standing in line sometimes.  I also like to carry a hiking stick with me just for stability against the wind.  Make your reservations early and stay downtown if possible.  Plan on going to the open houses all weekend long as some are open on one day and not on the other(s).  Best of all, the event is FREE!!!  So, put away your smart phones or tablets and enjoy the hidden details of our great city.  Please note, all rights have been reserved by Debbie Salvesen Photography, for the following images. Chicago Board of Trade Vault LockChicago Board of Trade Vault LockChicago Board of Trade AtriumChicago Board of Trade Atrium

Chicago Board of Trade Bank Vault Inner Vault (resized1)Chicago Board of Trade Bank Vault Inner Vault (resized1)

Chicago Board of Trade Safety Deposit Boxes (No longer used)Chicago Board of Trade Safety Deposit Boxes (No longer used)

Antique Street Clock ChicagoAntique Street Clock ChicagoTribune TowerTribune Tower

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