Around the world in Chicago on the "L" The public transportation system in Chicago is called the "L" because it was an elevated railway when it started in 1893. I believe that it is also called the L because of the Loop, the most incredible section of Chicago's museums, theatres, restaurants, stock exchange and businesses. Here is a great way to spend the day in Chicago and visit the Loop and Chicago's diverse neighborhoods: 1. Start for breakfast at Lou Mitchell's, 565 W Jackson St -a great local establishment originally built at the start of Route 66, the Mother Road from Chicago to Los Angeles. Lou Mitchell himself handed out Milk Duds to the ladies; these days everyone receives a box of Milk Duds! 2. After breakfast, walk on Jackson east to the river, take #37 Fullerton Red Line bus to Franklin and Randolph (3 stops). Walk east 1 block to Wszhington and Wells. 3. Board the Brown Line southbound to make your "loop" around the loop, continuing north. Note the area of the Chicago fire up to Fullerton. Get off the train at Belmont. Change to a Red Line train (Howard) and ride north to Sheridan Road. Leave the train and walk north to Irving Park, then west to Graceland Cemetery -all the way to Clark St. Graceland Cemetery is the resting place for Marshal Field, Potter Palmer, Louis Sullivan and other well known Chicago retailers and architects. 4. Walk back to the Sheridan Rd station (on the way back, have a Chicago hot dog at Byron's on Irving Park).Board the Red Line (Howard) north. At Wilson Ave, get off the train and admire the architecture of the Wilson Avenue station: opened on May 31, 1900, the original home of the Northwest Elevated Railroad. 5. Reboard the Red Line (Howard) and continue to the Howard Street stop. Leave the train and change to the Purple Line (Evanston train), ride north to Linden Street in Wilmette. 6. Get off the train and walk east, past the river entering the lake, to the Bahai House of Worship and Gardens: The Bahai faith believe in the unity of man through utmost kindliness and love. When harmonized with science, religion is a system of knowledge that propels the advancement of civilization Since nine is the last number in the decimal system, Bahá'ís believe it symbolizes perfection and completion; many elements of the building occur in groups of nine: nine entrances to the auditorium, nine interior alcoves, nine dome sections, and nine fountains in the garden area. 7. Return to the "L" station and take the Purple line (Loop) to Belmont Street, changing there to a Red Line (95th) train to Howard St. Ride south to Argyle St, a street the looks like it was transported whole from Saigon. Walk west on Argyle to Broadway, Continue south on Broadway past Gunnison and lunch at Lao Sze Chuan, 4832 N Broadway. 8. Walk back to the Argyle Street station and reboard the Red Line (95th) south to Lake Street. Get off the train and walk south on State St past Randolph, west to Daley Plaza. 9. Daley Civic Center is the site of the Picasso Statue. 10. This is the end of our day on the "L". **map of Graceland Cemetery… !!
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