CHICAGO ART INSTITUTE  You will find some of the most amazing artworks including Thorne miniatures, which are small rooms that are hand built in different styles, Andy Warhol, and other famous artists.

NAVY PIER Shopping, Dining, IMAX, you will not have a dull moment in this huge mall complete with a Ferris Wheel.

THE BEAN  The Bean is located in Millennium Park and is a great place to just hang out with a packed lunch. The Bean is fun to walk around and under and created some interesting photos.  There is also lots of activities going on in this park so plan to stay for awhile.

IMPROV A night of comedy in Chicago is a must.  There are so many to choose from but I recommend Second City Improv and Laugh out Loud! 

MICHIGAN AVENUE SHOPPING Everything name brand under the sun can be found on Michigan Avenue.  You will find all that you are looking for and some shopping uniques that you will soon have as a favorite.


Smiley HappyThere is so much to do in Chicago.  Start with these and you will find plenty to add to your next trip!


Have funSmiley Happy

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