The Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise aboard Chicago's First Lady Cruises should be at the top of every visitor's must-see list.  This 90-minute cruise on the Chicago River will exceed expectations.  The docents who narrate the tours are simply fabulous.  They are people who truly love the city and its architecture, and they fill out the tours with interesting commentary on history, architecture, and engineering, with humor sprinkled throughout.  In addition to great overall views of the city, well-known buildings will be seen from new angles, and the tour will take visitors to parts of the city that are typically not seen.   Riders can sit on the top, open-air deck, or below inside the cabin where refreshments are sold.  The CAF river cruise is a real gem that should not be missed by visitors to Chicago nor by locals.  History and architecture buffs should also pay a visit to the CAF Shop and Tour Center in downtown Chicago.  There are interesting exhibits there and a variety of other city tours are available.



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