A hidden gem in the Austin area is a unique BBQ place called the Salt Lick.  It is just on the outskirts of Austin in the hill co

untry.  The food is terrific; however, it is the setting that makes it extra special.  It is located in a Parish that does not allow the restaurant to serve alcohol but you can bring your own. This unique restaurant was built around an old cattle branding station.  There is a huge round stone pit that was used to contain the fire and coals where ranchers and herd drivers would heat their branding irons to a red hot glow to brand their cattle.  This pit is now their BBQ pit where they slow cook ribs, sausage, briskets and chicken.  Older barn style buildings with wooden picnic tables and chairs serve as the main restaurant.  The place is always busy and there is always a waiting line outside where patrons bring their coolers of beer or other drinks and socialize with the other patrons.  You feel like your back in time in the old West.  The food is delicious and their desserts are out of this world!  It is a night you won't forget and you will have it on your list to do again the next time you visit Austin! 

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