Durango, Colorado is beer city.  There are 5 local breweries in this small town and a dozen more within about an hour's drive.  Durango breweries work together to hold events, help charities and support local efforts.  And the brewpubs have some great food and music.  In Colorado, breweries have to have a killer IPA, or many, and Durango excels in IPAs.  Our favorite brewpub, Ska is off-the-beaten-path and sometimes not known to tourists.  Ska produces many great beers and has limited editional and seasonal selections as well.  Our very favorite is Model Hoperandi IPA.  Ska cans their beers and can be purchased in local liquor stores or at the brewpub.  Thursdays they have fun music and a free BBQ.  There are other events throughout the week and they recently converted trucking containers into a pizza and sandwich shop attached to the brewpub.  The best brewpub food in town is Carvers, which has some wonderful Southwestern selctions.  Steamworks also has some very good food and fun atmosphere.  Drink up!

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