It has been several years since I visited Austin Texas, but the memory and excitement and beauty remains very strong in my memories and my heart. I was born and raised in Texas, but had never visited Austin, until 2006 when I went there with my uncle. We walked the unusual streets of downtown
where contemporary architecture stand juxtaposed against the timeless beauty of the old historical buildings with their impressive architecture. I recall massive and colorful paintings on walls of buildings, depicting the many layers that is Austin and the surrounding area. We visited many quaint little stores, bookstores, gift shops, hole-in-the wall cafes, and a store where a man was making handcrafted cigars. We heard the iconic Austin music playing everywhere we went.
Some of my favorite memories of the trip were the tiny little country towns nearby where we stopped and looked in on little stores full of trinkets, antiques and what-nots in historical and old timey buildings that were just so cute and remind a person of a simpler place and time. Hamilton Pools Preserve was my absolute favorite place we went on the entire trip. It is a beautiful natural pool with cliffs and ledges and a wonderful dripping fall right in the center. Although many people visited it, we felt like we could have been there all alone. it is a very peaceful and beautiful place to not miss on a trip to Austin.

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